Grow & Go Life Coaching

Get Ready to GROW

Big picture

Bridging the gap can be difficult, but you can do this!

Cherie uses a personalized GROW plan to help clients identify their goals, examine their current situation, investigate options and develop a way forward.


Thank you for choosing me to be your GROW Coach! I can't wait to collaborate with you on your Personalized Grow Plan! Together, we will explore your current situation and develop goals and options to get unstuck and move forward!

Transparent Coaching

If you read my story on my website, you will know why transparency is important to me as a Life Coach and Mental Health Counselor. Many counselors/coaches keep their personal information hidden, away from the public eye. Not me. I am authentic in my relationship with my clients. In my eyes, we are all people trying to live happy, healthy and productive lives. I believe my clients are the experts in their journey of self-discovery, and I see myself as a compassionate facilitator of change.

Why Life Coaching?

It is often when we overcome our own struggles that we are able to help others with theirs. My personal struggles (to date) include:

(1) surviving childhood poverty, neglect and parental drug abuse,

(2) parenting two children diagnosed with ADHD and executive functioning weaknesses,

(3) overcoming marital distress which led to deep depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and most importantly,

(4) moving from "carnal Christian" to "Spirit-led Christian"

I share this with you not to bring attention to myself, but to let you know that I am a transparent coach. In my opinion, the best coaches are the ones who have walked the walk, and don't just talk the talk.

Again, thank you so much for inviting me into your life! I look forward to a healthy and productive life coaching relationship with you!

- Cherie