Donato Bramante

by: Megan Trilling

Donato Bramante's Life

  • Donato was born in 1444 in Monte Asdruvaldo near Urbino Italy
  • Spent 22 years in Milan(1477-1499) and 15 Years in Rome(1499-1514)
  • His mentor was Piero della Francesca
  • Enjoyed reading, writing and practicing skills on the abacus
  • Was mainly an architect but he is also a painter examples: Helped plan the Pavia Cathedral, Helped plan the Milan Cathedral, Castel Sforzesco, New Basilica of St. Peter
  • His patrons were the Sforza family and Pope Julius II

The Vatican; Spiral Staircase

  • Named the Vatican; Spiral Staircase
  • This piece was created after 1505
  • You would see this in the Vatican in Vatican City, Italy
  • This spiral staircase is so significant because its a detailed piece of work in a well known building in Italy and is one of the most beautiful staircases in the world
  • I found this interesting because its extremely detailed and very complicated and it amazes me how and architect can build this at this time when there are very few resources

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Creator : Donato Bramante

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