Mighty Panther News

February 2021

Our 1st Virtual Paint Night

PTO will be hosting a free Virtual Paint Night Friday, February 5, 2021. Please be on the lookout for a flyer that will be posted in your child's Google Classrooms next week with more information. A special Mighty Panther Staff Shoutout to Mrs. Magallanes and Mr. Greg for being our master artists for this event. We hope that many Mighty Panthers can join us for an evening of fun and creativity!

Showing P.A.W.S.

Virtual Paying Attention, Acting with Character, Words that Help NOT Hurt, and Staying Safe

Students will be recognized and rewarded for PAWS behavior during distance learning. Those students that are recognized will be done so at the beginning of the next month. The attempt is to recognize positive behavior (being on time, following directions, and responsible). Rewards/recognition is going to be immediate so that we can turn the behavior around.

PTO/SSC/ELAC Monthly Meetings

Do you want to know what is happening at Rio Vista Elementary? Do ever wonder how allocated funds are allocated and why? All those questions can be answered during the PTO/SSC/ELAC meeting. Please don't forget that every Tuesday of the month, Rio Vista has its PTO/SSC/ELAC monthly meetings at 2:45 pm. Email Mrs. Alonso at jalonso@erusd.org so that the meeting link can be sent to your email address.

Thank You PTO for the Christmas Gifts Mailed to our Mighty Panthers!

We hope that our Mighty Panthers were surprised to receive a small gift from their favorite school, Rio Vista and courtesy of PTO. A huge shoutout to Mrs. Abolos, our school secretary, Mrs. Jerebets, our school nurse, Mr. Greg, our morning custodian, and Mr. Luis, our evening custodian for ensuring that all our Mighty Panthers had a gift. They were indeed Santa's Helpers at Rio Vista!
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Student Essential Instructional Material Pick-Up Dates

Please save the dates since we will have three student essential instructional materials for those teachers that need material distribution for their classroom. The dates are as follow:

January 25-29, February 16-19, and March 15-19 from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. You or a designated adult can come any day of the designated weeks and timeframe to pick up your child's material if their teacher informs you that there is something to be pick-up. Please ensure that you wear a facemask during the pick-up and bring your own pen. Please remember to pick-up your child's materials during the scheduled dates and times for each month since our school will be closed for the other days of each month.

Congratulations, Mrs. Fisher!

We are happy to announce that Mrs. Fisher is now the Assistant Principal at STEAM Academy. This new endeavor in her career is a GREAT one, but we will miss you at Rio Vista. Please remember that once a Mighty Panther will ALWAYS be a Mighty Panther! Thank you for all your support that you provided to our Mighty Panthers!

AVID Strategy

It is the new year and setting up goals to ensure academic success is key! Have your child make short and long-term goals that will make them a successful AVID student. Goals can be set for setting up a quiet area and time for independent work. As well as having a checklist of assignments that they need to complete for the day. Another goal can be to double-check their assignments for accuracy and adding details when it applies. Setting goals is a skill that your child will need in every grade level at Rio Vista, middle school, high school, and when they go to college. Let us continue reinforcing this skill for each Mighty Panther!

February is Heart Health Awareness Month!

Rio Vista's PTO would like to provide students with fun activities that promote a healthy heart and healthy living. The virtual event will take place on Friday, February 26, 2021, between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Additional information for this event will be posted in your child's Google Classroom. Students that decorate a t-shirt, take a picture, and posted on our social media will be mailed a price. Again, we hope that all Mighty Panthers can participate in our Heart Health Awareness activities.

First Trimester Principal's Reading Challenge

All Mighty Panthers can reach the Principal's Reading Challenge goal each trimester. The goal is to have a certain amount of books read or points by the end of each trimester with an overall test accuracy of 80% or higher. In the first trimester (August 24, 2020-November 13, 2020) we had 105 students from kinder through fifth grade meet the Principal's Reading Challenge. The names are the following:


Miranda Castillo Mateo Garcia James Gonzalez Eduardo Sotelo Emmanuel Stearns

Alexander Berrera Sophia Barrios Noah Lopez Fernando Morales Judah Perez

Aaron Ramirez Aden Rivera Averie Ruiz Jillian Rodriguez

First Grade:

Josiah Canez Isabel Cobian Robert Gilmartin Varduhi Hakobyan. Adam Loza

Emily Montalvo Adrian Ramirez Mia Salinas Dominguez Amy Serrano Zoie Anaya

Penelope Carrillo Luca Castelan Charlemagne Duong Sabrina Gonzalez Emma Gordon

Mia Haro Leah Lopez Santiago Madina Jose Murillo Zayan Nomanee

Riley Villegas Isaac Aguiar Lola Aguiar Sharon Arana Herrera Nathan Caldera

Joseph Espitia Angel Gonzalez Zooey Macfarland Nathan Mena Valentino Reyes

Second Grade:

Max Campos Wendel Cook Emily Hernandez Samantha Lerma Sofia Monroy

Steven Montes Damian Rivas. Benjamin Rivera Anahi Rodriguez

Emilia Rojero-Fonseca Mya Castillo John Gomez. Elizabeth Frutos Garcia

Gilberto Gutierrez Raul Lopez Selena Lopez Daniela Perez Valerie Ramirez

Liliana Curiel Madison Gonzalez Matthew Urzua

Third Grade:

Kevin Funes-Castillo Lucien Perez Aaron Plascencia Emma Virrueta David Carrillo

Richard Franco Diego La Brecque Bruno Llamas Gonzalez Anahi Lopez

Mia Villagomez Liliana Almanza Victor Ledezma Emma Posadas Jaidan Ramirez

Britney Rodriguez William Rodriguez

Fourth Grade:

Anthony Becerra Daisy Castillo Mason Esparza Isaiah Figueroa Luis Flores

Ashley Hernandez Vazquez Alina LaFarga Joseph Mendoza Charlotte Quezada

Fifth Grade:

Jonathan Guzman Emily Mancina Araceli Urbina Camille Arias Uriel Castro

Ava Garcia Sarah Lopez Isabella Rodriguez Noah Sanchez Allyson Suarez Victoria Tinajero

Sean Valencia Sarahi Varela

Top Point AR Earners School Wide

Congratulations to the following students who are on the top 10 point AR test earners as of January 21st:

1. Isabella Rodriguez, fifth grade with 131 points earned

2. Anthony Becerra, fourth grade with 85 points earned

3. Joah Lopez, Kinder with 82 points earned

4. William Rodriguez, third grade with 79 points earned

5. Victor Ledezma, third grade with 76 points earned

6. Mia Villagomez, third grade with 73 points earned

7. Zooey Mcfarland, first grade with 69 points earned

8. Elizabeth Frustos-Garcia, second grade with 61 points earned

9. Liliana Almanza, third grade with 58 points earned

10. Emily Hernandez, second grade with 56 points earned

Keep up the GREAT work Mighty Panthers!

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