BiochemicalOxygen Demand,Turbidity

By: Jaylen Clark, Amiaya Thomas, Ashely Longo,Taleah Dixion

BOD- Biochemical Oxygen Demand

  • The measure of the quantity of oxygen used by microorganisms in the oxidation of organic matter
  • natural sources of organic matter include plant decay and leaf fall
  • Plant growth and decay may be unnaturally accelerated when nutrients and sunlight are overly abundant due to human influence
  • Oxygen consumed in the decomposition process robs other aquatic organisms of the oxygen they need to live
  • Organisms that are more tolerant of lower dissolved oxygen levels may replace a diversity of more sensitive organisms
  • Urban runoff carries pet wastes form streets and sidewalks;nutrients from lawn fertilizers; leaves, garss clippings and paaper fron the residential areas, which Increase oxygen demand


  • Muddiness created by string up sediment or having foreign particles suspended
  • Cloudiness or haziness of a fluid/liquid
  • Material that causes water to be turbid includes clay, silt, finely divided inorganic and organic matter, algae, soluble colored organic compounds and other microscopic organisms

Water Quality

  • Refers to the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of water
  • Measure of the condition of water
  • relative to the requirements of one of more biotic species and or to any human need or purpose
  • Not a necessity for plants to have clean water
  • They eat the nutrients of water waste (plants)
  • The importance of water quality in marine environments are used to ensure a ensure a healthy environment(Marine environment

How is water is stored

  • Tap water is stored in pipes
  • Large amounts of water are stored in the ground
  • Water in general is stored in huge metal or plastic tanks, in the air of water vapor or in