1971 directed by Roman Polaski and 2010 Rupert Goold

The Witches

The 1971 version of Macbeth is more accurate at portraying the text version because unlike the 2010 version, it doesn't have a bunch of other different themes that are thrown into the movie along with it. The 2010 version includes a theme that leans more towards a military dictator like Hitler. In addition, it is modernized, it has technology that wasn't there when the play was written therefore its something that was thrown in there also which makes the movie take place at a different time. The 1971 version seemed to be better at what one would imagine when reading the written version, it had a traditional witchcraft vibe to it with blemished wrinkly faces and hunched backs unlike the 2010 version which had skinny somewhat good looking witches that were in the uniform of a nurse. Although there was some similarities between these two films, they both stuck to the original text and original play wrights.