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Mobile Devices in your Classroom

Have you ever wanted to use a mobile device in your classroom, or wondered which mobile device would be the best for your students? This edition of The Creek will share information about 2 different mobile devices that you or your students can use as well a link to an article that does a great comparison of the 2 different devices.

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Classroom Uses iPods For Learning

The iPad Air and the Surface Tablet....which one is the best to use with your students?

Below you will find a quick comparison of the iPad Air and the Surface tablet. Both devices have their pros and cons. Please be sure to click the article link below to see a comparison of the two devices before you decide which one is best to use with your students.

Surface Tablet and iPad Air comparison

Check out this article that compares the Surface tablet and the iPad Air....which would you choose? In my opinion, I believe the Surface tablet is probably better for students in upper grades while the iPad Air would be better suited for younger students. The iPad Air has great educational apps that students can use to reinforce learning in the classroom. The Surface Tablet comes with Microsoft office already on it, so when students are completing research projects or typing papers, the Surface Tablet will have exactly what they need to complete their tasks. Both are great tablets, its up to you to decide which device you think would be best for your students.

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