Stage Fright on a Summer Night

By: Mary Pope Osborne

Book Review By: Riley and Antonio


The characters in the book are Jack, Annie, Will, Dan and The Queen are all the main people

in the book that Riley and Antonio read about.


The setting in our book that we were reading is the tree house,olde England and inside a



The problem in the book is that Jack and Annie are stuck in olde England and they have to

find special magic and they are in play and back in the old days girls were not alowed to go

in plays and that was a law in the old days so how wiil Annie get in the play? Find out if you

will read. Magic Tree House Stage Fright on a Summer Night you will find out.


The solution is that they find special magic by doing the play to turn day into night time to

have magic. and they had to prove to morgen that they have magic

Author`s Message

To intertain you to the book of Stage fright on a summer Night.