Leadership Meeting

SME- October 2013

SME Belief Statement

Every child has the right to receive quality instruction to prepare for college and career success in the 21st century. We will provide real world learning opportunities through technology, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. SME staff has the privilege of collaborating with highly motivated, creative and professional colleagues. We will continually evolve and improve upon our own teaching practices to create a rigorous, engaging learning environment.


  • School Goals-
  • Each year % has increased by a percent or two. number of student has increased
  • 4th-2011-12 students made progress, last year stagnant, is the assessment
  • 3rd-across 4 years students seem to peak and then flatline between tri 2-3. Are they burnt out, bored
  • 1st- last year 9 % growth, worse ever. Attribute it to higher class size
  • K- interesting lower % last year- went into CC, not as focused
  • 2nd- biggest growth
  • Walkthrough Form
  • Math Unit Updates (please bring this information from your grade level)
  • K-felt like jumping around investigations was difficult. Started
  • Technology - iPad use. iPods
  • California Science Education Conference
  • Intervention
  • CSUSM ELD Project
  • Grade Level Conversations-
  • 1st-book fair- buy not during school day, First in Math?
  • 2nd- 12:30-3;10 long chunk of time, ELD is 1:30-2
  • 3rd-no time
  • 4th-can parents leave at 8:40, what are we going to do with PD days, library check out procedure, end of day dismissal
  • 5 th- Orchard NOW? , bells at 3:10, 1st get inside faster
  • Committees

1st Leadership Meeting 2013-14

Tuesday, Sep. 17th 2013 at 3:30pm

Tiger Way

San Marcos, CA