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C#oo$Watch Iron Man 3 Online - Download Iron Man 3 Free

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Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark ominously echoes, "… We create our own demons." Director and Writer Shane Black takes a decidedly dark real world turn in "Iron Man 3". Black and co-writer Drew Pearce transform the hero's journey from the inside out all in the realm of global terrorism. In "Iron Man 3" Iron Man, Tony Stark exacts vengeance and justice against the megalomaniac Mandarin (measured charismatic evil Ben Kingsley), who harms those he loves. The Mandarin is the sociopath anarchist, who seemingly wants to watch the world burn. In the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, "Iron Man 3" assumes an eerie resonance.

So if we create our own demons, can we also destroy our own demons—our fears? Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr. explore with gravitas and gratifying sense of humor. Robert Downey Jr. is awesome. Downey still masterfully exudes billionaire Tony Stark's charming narcissistic genius blazing through Black and Pearce's crisp dialogue. In a hysterical scene he tells young charge Harley (scene stealing Ty Simpkins), whose Dad went to the store and never came back. Downey has the amazing gift of letting us know what he is thinking. I really loved the movie, because he makes us see that Tony is the transcendent hero even without the high tech armor.

Downey's Tony is haunted by the thwarted Alien invasion from "The Avengers" movie. He can't sleep. He has debilitating anxiety attacks. And in his manic streaks advances the Iron Man suit technology. There is a cool sequence as Stark summons elements of the suit to his body. Downey displays his Chaplin-like physical acting gifts. Gwyneth Paltrow returns as the beautiful and grounded Pepper Potts, who is CEO of Stark Industries. She has moved into Tony's Cliffside Malibu home. Tony is suffering, and Pepper takes the brunt of the collateral damage. Happy (funny and aloof Jon Favreau, also Director of the first two movies) has transitioned from Tony's Chauffeur to anal Head of Security at Stark Industries. Tony's buddy Col. James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) is PC version Iron Patriot.

We create our own demons. In 1999, Tony attended a Conference in Bern, Switzerland. He cozies up to brilliant sexy Maya Hansen (smart and strong Rebecca Hall). Maya has discovered a process to regenerate plants in this case marijuana. However, the downside is that the regeneration is unstable and literally explosive. Tony blows off enamored fan crippled Aldrich Killian (deceptively diminished Guy Pearce), who has a proposal from AIM. New Year's Day finds Maya alone in bed and Aldrich in the cold.

Aldrich as the now buff and handsome Guy Pearce reappears in 2012 meeting with Pepper. Pearce exudes a charming arrogance and power. His company AIM has Extremis, a regenerating healing biotech that he proposes to Stark Industries development. Pepper declines the easily weaponized app.

The Mandarin unleashes his anarchist terrorism upon the President and invariably upon Tony. "Do you want an empty life or a meaningful death?" Enraged Tony challenges the Mandarin, "I'm not afraid of you! I know you're a coward." The Mandarin sends a helicopter kill team across the Malibu shores. This is reminiscent of Black's "Lethal Weapon". The carnage is spectacular. Tony protects Pepper, and somehow manages to get to… Tennessee. There he hooks up with whiz kid Harley (Simpkins) to investigate the source of the terror, as Tony battles his own demons without the protection of Iron Man. Everyone in "Iron Man 3" is yoked out. Downey looks to have injured his hand early on wearing a brace. He is muscular and strong. He gets to use his Wing Chun expertise in a lot of the fight sequences. Don Cheadle exposes his biceps. Gwyneth Paltrow looks amazing, and shows off her shredded abs. Guy Pearce looks like he worked out with Hugh Jackman.

Ultimately, the dark hero narrative culminates in the climatic showdown at shipyard, out of "Lethal Weapon 2" as opposed to world destruction of "The Avengers". A welcome departure. The pivotal plot twist works, but for me dilutes the gravity of the emotional threat. The action sequences are amazing. The aerial rescue from Air Force One is visually stunning. Robert Downey Jr. makes us believe in heroes. We create our own demons. Heroes do what must be done, in spite of their demons, and inspire others to do the same. "Iron Man 3" is a great movie.