Cuba's Extraordinary Times(11-8-14)

Article by: Victoria Servin (World Geography)

Living In An Amazing Country

When you think about Cuba, you probably think about strong tradition and dances, but the way they celebrate those events are magnificent. If you ask any resident from Cuba how it is there, they would probably spend hours explaining all the interesting things and holidays there are. For example, people from here celebrate Carnival which is basically is the largest,most famous, and most traditional event or holiday in all of Cuba, and is an explosion of color, contagious drum rhythms, and dance. It is also a time for Cubans to re-gather themselves and remember their history, community,and culture, and is often punctuated by the Cuban national holiday which is on July 26. Another Celebration of Cuban traditions takes place in the historic colonial town of Trinidad (Trinidad Way Of Cross). The way of the cross procession winds through the cobbled streets, past centuries' old churches and buildings. The Catholic celebration received a new blessing from the Cuban authorities after Pope John Paul the second visited Cuba and spoke critically of the U.S. embargo. This concludes that Cuba's religion is Catholic, most of the people believe in Jesus Christ and God. The largest of all Cuba's holidays is Revolution Day on (July 26), which commemorates Fidel Castro's raid on the Batista dictatorship barracks in Santiago in 1953 and the birth of the revolutionary writer Jose Marti in 1853. Many towns on the island have large celebrations marking the date.
Carnaval Cuba 2014
Our Trip to Havana, Cuba 2013

Cuba's Society

  1. The economy of Cuba is a largely centrally planned economy dominated by state-run enterprises overseen by the Cuban government, though there remains significant foreign investment and personal enterprise in Cuba. They live for the little of small private enterprise where people operate minor things. Some people work in tourism and receive dollars

Food In Cuba

Language In Cuba

The language that they speak in Cuba is Spanish . They say "hola" referring to the word "hello."
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Major Ethnic Groups

The major ethnic groups are Latinos, American, Puerto Rican, and Cuban.
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Cuba's Physical Map

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Cuba's Political Map

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