Andrew Jackson

Hero or Villain?


I believe Jackson was not a hero but a villain because he was very disrespectful to American Indians. He was very inconsiderate by forcing them to move west and it wasn't very smart of him to do so because a president years later would have to decide what to do with them.
I believe Jackson did not promote democracy because he just put the American Indian issue on pause to be handled later. When he chose to remove the American Indians he did not listen to the people, which was not democratic. He also did not listen to the American Indians about the issue, they offered to negotiate with the U.S. but Jackson refused. This is why I put an image of Jackson dressed as a king, he acted as if the United States were a monarchy by doing what he wanted to do without listening to anyone else. Jackson was only thinking of himself and not about others when he was in office, which is why I think his is more of a villain than a hero. Presidents cannot think all about themselves and be heroic presidents, a president has a country to look after and to put before himself because if the president doesn't care, why should we?