International Cultural Day

Most Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Week 2020-2021

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International Cultural Day

Most Holy Trinity has been hosting International Culture Day for five years. Each year each class selects a country to study and report on. Our students will report on a country's customs, cultural dress, food, games, dances, geography and other things of interest. The work our students do on these projects helps them learn a great deal about the country they are studying.

Last year we held “Culture Night”. It was the first time that we held this event in the evening so that more people could attend. The response was absolutely overwhelming. Parents and family members crowded our hallways as they went country to country looking at presentations and sampling food. This year our culture day will be virtual. While all the good food that our parents and staff usually make will be missed, we will still have a good event because our students have worked very hard to gather information and present it to you. We hope you enjoy what you see. If you are looking for a specific grade level just scroll down until you find it and click the flag. I strongly encourage you to not only look at your own child’s presentation but to visit other grade levels and well and see what they have done. I am sure that you will be informed and entertained by what you see. Thank you so very much for visiting this page, enjoy!

Jim Horan

To see the presentations click on the flags. Enjoy!

Zimbabwe- Pre-Kindergarten

Portugal- Grade 1

Brazil- Grade 2

Italy- Grade 4

Japan- Grade 5

Spain- Grade 6

Poland- Grade 7

France- Grade 8

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