Taylor Roth

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My passion is volleyball. It's volleyball because when I play volleyball I feel like I can be myself and play with my heart. Also when I play I like to hear everyone cheering for the team because I feel like I've actually done something right. When I serve the ball I feel like a new life just started in my heart. I love volleyball so much because it's something I know I'm good at, and something that I know I can be myself and nobody can tell me how to play. When I'm on the volleyball court I feel like I can be the best if I try my best, and I also feel I can do what I want, when I want, and nobody can tell me otherwise. I love volleyball. My hopes are to never stop playing nor stop loving volleyball. Volleyball became my passion because when I was around six or seven my mom had her own volleyball team. A lot of my family was on the volleyball team. I bumped the ball around with them at practice, and ever since I've been in love with playing volleyball. I never want to give up on volleyball. I will always try to play volleyball whenever I can. Also someday I want to teach my kids how to play volleyball but if they don’t want to play I'm not going to make them. Also when I play volleyball outside I love to feel the wind blowing and then I love hitting the ball. I'm scared of diving for the ball because I don’t want to get hurt. I hope to never quit playing volleyball. I want to follow my mom and dad in volleyball because in my eyes they were the best.

By: Taylor Roth

Important Players

Paula Weishoff, She played for USA in three Olympics.

Regla Torres, She is a Cuban volleyball player who has won three Olympic gold medals. In 2001 awarded the "Best Female Player of the 20th Century" award by the FIVB.

Paula is so important to volleyball because she went and showed her skills off at the Olympics. She might not have won, but she tried and tried and when she didn't win she tried harder and harder for three years. Paula will be remembered.

Regla is important to volleyball because she was awarded best female player of the 20th century and that is big in volleyball. Regla had to work her way up to that point. Regla made a point to everyone you have to keep going in life until you get where you want yourself to be. Regla will be remembered, especially by me.

History of Volleyball

The game of volleyball, originally called "mintonette", was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan after the invention of basketball only four years before. Morgan, a graduate of the Springfield College of the YMCA, designed the game to be a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball.

Communities that share my intrest

NCVF Collegiate Club Volleyball is a proud organization that shares my interest with me.

The groups purpose is to have the volleyball players show their skills and be who they are and play with their heart. I can become connected by having a team and sighing up on their website.


Active Kids is another proud organization that shares my interest with me.

The purpose of active kids is that you can come to the event and play with your heart and be who you are and learn to play better and better until you get to the point you want to be at. I can get connected by signing up on their website then showing up to their event ready to go.


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