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DFES...The Academy of Environmental Sciences 11/25/14

River Rocks

Mrs. Catoe and Mrs. Horan will be painting rocks with all students in grade Kindergarten through fifth grade. These rocks will be used to ourline beds in The Secret Garden. Second grade began this project and also placed their rocks out there. Teachers will be given their class rocks and will be asked to fill in the spaces in the garden. Special thanks to Mrs. Catoe and Mrs. Horan for taking on this project!


We have just received a three bin composter that was made at the CATE Center by students in shop class. Mrs. Gentry, Mrs. Umberger, and myself along with any other interested teachers and students will begin composting at our school!

What are the benefits to composting and why should we?

Compost helps bind clusters of soil particles, called aggregates, which provide good soil structure. Such soil is full of tiny air channels & pores that hold air, moisture and nutrients.

  • Compost helps sandy soil retain water and nutrients.
  • Compost loosens tightly bound particles in clay or silt soil so roots can spread, water drain & air penetrate.
  • Compost alters soil structure, making it less likely to erode, and prevents soil spattering on plants—spreading disease.
  • Compost can hold nutrients tight enough to prevent them from washing out, but loosely enough so plants can take them up as needed.
  • Compost makes any soil easier to work.

Starbucks anyone?

When you go to starbucks the next time, please ask them about their coffee grounds! I saw an add in their store that they will give you coffee grounds to use in your garden! It will make the soil richer and also cut down on the amount of waste sent to the landfill!
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New Bulletin Board

When you round the corner at the intersection of second grade hall and the hall that leads to the art room and gym, you may have noticed some newspapers hanging! I am in the process of putting up an environmental bulletin board with news about what is happening in classrooms and also about items we are recycling, restoring, and reducing. It takes a little time to get everything up. My goal is to have this up by next week! This will be a board that may or may change regularly. It will serve two distinct puposes:

1. To advertise what classrooms and teachers are doing

2. To advertise what we are recycling, restoring, and conserving as it applies to the "Green Steps" requirements.

Please let me know if you have a new project that you would like highlighted!

Have a Thankful Thanksgiving!

I want to take this opportunity to let you all know how thankful I am for each and everyone one of you! You make DFES...The Academy of Environmental Sciences a wonderful place to work!

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