Girls on boys teams

Girls should be allowed on boys athletic teams

By Anthony famighetti

Imagine a girl who plays on a girls soccer team, but the school must drop the team due to budget cuts. The girls join the boys team, and thanks to the girls, the boys are doing better than before. Girls should be allowed to play on boys' athletic teams in order to provide equal opportunities to all children.

Schools receiving federal funds, should provide girls with the same access boys have, including sports. "There is no gender-based physiological reasons to separate males and females in sports competitions."(The woman sports foundation) Girls are missing out on great opportunities for no good reason. "The lessons learned through athletics gives girls stronger, more confident, and a more disciplined outlook on the future."(Driscoll and staff) Girls should be allowed to play on boys teams because, it will improve the way both girls and boys play. I believe that if there is no girls team for certain sports, that the girls should be allowed to join boys teams.

Growth rates vary so much, children prior to puberty should be matched by height, weight, and skill when participating in sports. "Girls who desire to compete on boys teams should be permitted to do so if they have the size, strength, and skill to match up to the boys."(The woman sports foundation) "Girls are just a skilled as boys, so they should be allowed to play on the same teams. When I played games like kickball in elementary school, there were girls who had the same skill as the boys, some of the girls were better than the boys. "(Satterfield) If there are no opportunities on a girls team, for a specific sport the girls should be allowed to join the boys team.

Some people believe playing with female peers may be important for many young girls to feel like they fit in.(U.S.A. hockey) However, it's beneficial later in life to be able to work with people of the opposite gender.

Girls should be allowed on boys' athletic teams, to provide equal opportunities to all children. Some girls who have the same level of skill as boys in sports are stuck playing on girls teams. This is limiting the opportunities that girls could be receiving.