New Deal

By Emilee Bedford and Payton Herman

Americans Get a New Deal

Most people got an idea that everything would change because we got a new president, and there would no longer be a depression. FDR decided to close all banks to prevent further withdrawals. For the banking system to go any further the Glass-Steagall Act was passed.

Helping the American People

The AAA sought to raise crop prices by lowering production. Farmers got paid a certain amount of money by every acre. The CCC put men aged 18 to 25 to work building roads, developing parks, planting trees, and helping in soil-erosion and flood-control projects. The NIRA provided money to states to create jobs chiefly in the construction of schools and other community buildings.

Top People

Becoming a New Nation

The New Deal Comes Under Attack

By the end of 100 days millions of Americans had benefited from the New Deal programs. The Supreme Court received a boost from two Supreme Court decisions. The American Liberty League opposed the new deal measure that believed it violated respect for the rights of idividuals.