By: Marc Bertolino

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What We Want?

Are you a Roman Citizen?

Do you want to join a legion of 5120 men consisting of 9 regular cohort's of 480 men run by a leader called a centurion? You could also be part of the 120 calvary men?

Do you want to progress through leadership over the years?

Are you physically fit and 5ft. 3 inches tall?

Are you willing to serve for 16-25 years?

Are you willing to earn anywhere from 112.5-20,000 denarii depending on your rank and the food deducted from your bill?

Do you want a "bonus" for your loyalty from Caesar himself?

Do you want a gift of land after retirement?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, APPLY TODAY!

We are in dire need of the new generation of generals and leaders. We have open positions where you can start by becoming a soldier and gradually earn your ranks. Accepting opportunity of advancement is ignoring criticism, come join our team today!

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What To Bring With You?

You are required to buy all your own food, clothing, and equipment:

*Caliagae- Honbail Boots

*Galea- Helmet with Cheek and Neck Guards

*Lorica Hamata-Shirt of chain mail

*Lorica Segmenta- Plat Armor

*Lorica Squamata- Scale Armor

*Pugio- Dagger

*Gladius- Sword

*Pilum- Javelin/spear

*Scutum- Shield

Roman soldiers are expected to carry all of their own person items. This includes weapons from the previous side including additional equipment. Required to carry luggage, stakes for camp, bronze mess tim, cooking pot, rations for 3-20 (depending) day, a saw, basket, pickax, sickle, leather strap, chain, and shovel. All and all be capable of carrying upwards of 100 lbs. for 18 miles a day, up to 30 days at a time.

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The Process?

Most soldiers are under the class of seniors (veterans) or iuniores (rookies)

-Veterans (aged 47-60)-Triarii

-Iuniores (aged 17-46)- Hastii

-If you join without proper equipment you will be assigned to the velites- here you will be provided the necessary weapons but will receive no armor.

(Unfortunately proletarii: The poorest Roman citizens, are excused from service. Excuse any inconveniences)

-Originally you will serve the length of a complain season (non-farming months)

-As time goes on, service will be necessary for (16-25) years in order for you to receive the retirement gifts.

-Auxiliaries will serve 25-30 years.

-Earn upwards of 20,000 denarii (earn money from booty captured in war)

-Earn bonuses

-Support your family

-New divisional army changing the thoughts and standard of tactics

-Receive the newest and most initiative armor and equipment for the fullest personal protection.

-Work up to special forces.

Start with your training legion today! You will join a group of 8 men with 1 drill sergeant who will train you the maneuvers of battle. New recruits will receive a sword twice as heavy as the real thing for extended conditioning. Learn to obey all orders by joining the legion and maybe one day you will earn upward of 20000 denarii like the top commanders.

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