comparing it to books and reality

caring for more than himself

In this picture this man is showing that he cares more then himself. And even the gecko sees that the man cares about him. Just like in the goldfish. The man cared about his magic goldfish because he didn't want to lose someone to talk to. And even tho the goldfish said to use the wish he still didn't.


In the story the briefcase the man in the chains stole the professors stuff and called himself the professor. After he did that he grew out his beard and tried to learn everything that was in the briefcase. Then when he meet the actual professors wife he said he was going to take care of her and her kids. He was showing the women that he cared about his new life and was going to do anything to keep. He was going to care for everyone who was in his new life.

More pitures showing compassion to some one else

frequently asked questions

Why were these people so compassionate to others? I think it is because if they care for them sooner or later they will care for you back. You just went through all of that for them and still you are with them they will see that they do care for them and want to be in there life.