Traditions and Etiquette

Multiculturalism is a strong tradition in Colombia. The Barranquilla Carnival helps bring old cultural traits back from the past. For example a woman used to know how to use plants for medicine and the knowledge of this skill is being brought back.

Landforms and Climate

  • Landforms
The whole eastern part of Colombia is full of three big mountain ranges, the Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Central, and Cordillera Oriental. These mountains run north and south and are part of the Andes mountain range. Many Colombians live in the highlands in between the mountains. Along the west coast of Colombia are coastal plains and on the eastern side of Colombia are large lowlands. Both places on either side of the mountains are sparsely populated. The northern coastal plains are densly populated. The expansive lowlands in the east are home to a large part of the Amazon rain forest.
  • Climate
Much rain is received in the Amazon rain forest. Temperature throughout Colombia do not change that much. Lowlands stay around 80 degrees and the higher up the mountains you go you can reach temperatures as low as 65 degrees year round.

Food and Holidays

  • Food
Colombian cuisine differs depending on the region. Some popular meals are stew, empanadas, and arepas. Banana and coconut are common foods to see in Colombia dessert. Colombia is famous for its tasty Colombian coffee.
  • Holidays
Colombia celebrates their independence from Spain in 1819 on July 20th each year. Parades, dances music and games are played to symbolize happiness. Many people from Colombia's capital, Bogota go to a place called Casa del Florero, which translates to House of the Flower Pot. Casa del Florero is where the Colombian revolution began.

Compatibility Rating

Colombian culture is a lot more traditional than the United States. They like to keep the ideas and traditions from the past alive while Americans like to come up with new ideas and concepts. Colombia's official language is Spanish as to the United States' English.

The landforms vary heavily from Colombia to the United States. Most of Colombia is Mountains and Rain forest. Also most of Colombia is sparsely populated. The United States temperatures change drastically year round unlike Colombia's climate.

Colombian food is similar to American food such as stew and coffee.

Both the Unites States and Colombia celebrate an independence day. Both countries celebrate this day slightly differently but its basically the same idea. I would give these countries a compatibility rating of a D+.