Ms. Roovers For President

Be the Change!

Why me?

I get a lot of questions. But the question that people aks me the most is 'why do you want to be president'. I work in a international busness and I travel a lot. when I traveled I saw a lot of the world and what I saw was not as wonderful what I thought it would be. Last I traveled through America, I didn't go to the big city's but through the towns outside the busy city's. And I was shocked what I saw. And I decided to Be the Change!
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Change The Law

Some laws are a little bit weird and sometimes animal mistreatment. Like a policeman can bite a dog to calm him. It´s a weird law, don´t you think?

I also want to add a law. Like that

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My Vice President is mine Sister Yu-Rong

She is mine Vice President because she is mine very important sister and she understands me. She is also a really hard worker and I can trust her with everything. my and mine sister are not sisters related by blood. But we grew up with each other and I can't live without her now. She is a very import person like the rest of mine family
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My Idol

My favorite president is Barack Obama. Because you hear such good news and things about him. They say he is very nice and friendly. And he did a lot of good things for America. They say that he also like jokes and he can be very humorous. He has a really good character. And that is very important. He is also very smart and he rules America for a long time. And he did it very good. I want to be like him because he did a really good job for America.