Holiday Dance Contest

Concours de danse de Noël

Create a Choreography

1.Using the instructions below, create a new choreography to any song of your choice.

2.Record yourself or a friend dancing your new choreography.

3.Upload your video to our facebook page:

4.Vote for your favourite

It's that simple!

The choreography with the most votes will win a free session of dance classes!

Entries must be submitted by December 31st. Voting will begin as entries are posted.

Winner will be determined on January 6th.

Win Free Dance Classes!!

Here are the instructions:

Walk w/ passé

Hit 2nd

circle arms. jump

push through mud

hit open R to R arms 4th

Hit chest 2 times

inside turn land

slow collapse R knee. recover

point. look

sit R / wave R arm up. Reverse

Quick sit R hands on hips look R

Back kick R

Walk 2 downstage

Kick L 2nd on 3, R battement on 4

BC, BC prep out land on floor