Cedar Mountain Welcomes Pre-K!!

Pre-K Program Update ~ August 1, 2020

Dear Cedar Mountain Family-

We are excited to announce that Cedar Mountain Primary School welcomes the Vernon Township School District's Pre-K Program for the 2020-2021 school year! At this writing, the Pre-K teachers are working hard to set up bigger classrooms that enhance social distancing practices and are collaborating to develop the first-ever Pre-K platform for remote learning opportunities.

Please continue to monitor the VTSD website and the Walnut Ridge Principal's blog for the most up to date information as the Pre-K program evolves in response to New Jersey's COVID guidelines. You can access the Vernon Township School's Reopening Plan using the link below and read some important highlights here-

  • The Pre-K AM session is following the district schedule for the Blue Group for phases one through three.
  • The Pre-K PM session is following the district schedule for the Gold Group for phases one through three.
  • Pre-K tuition will be adjusted to 2/5ths of the full amount for the two in-person instructional days and, all students will have access to the virtual platform for the rest of the week. Thus, the only "charge" is for in-person instruction. All other activities are optional.
  • Pre-K arrival/dismissal times for phases one through three are approximately 9:35 am until 12:10 pm (this is consistent with last year's abbreviated schedule). The schedule may evolve so continue to check here for the most up-to-date information.
  • The students in the PSD program will attend every day, thus following the Blue and Gold schedules.
  • Lunches will be "grab and go" for now. More information regarding procedures and protocols for eating in designated areas will follow in the coming weeks.
  • Please continue to practice wearing masks and hand washing for the remainder of the summer as we will practice these skills when school starts.

Click here for VTSD's Reopening plan, FAQs, and district podcasts!

Superintendent's Podcasts

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Cedar Mountain Primary School

Ms. Edwina Piszczek

Principal, Cedar Mountain Primary School

Mrs. Karen Stoeckel

Supervisor of Pre-K