2015-16 Year at a Glance Album

Thanks for a great year!

We had a busy year in the library. Student voice drove the library this year, from materials selection to hands on learning to reading buddies. We couldn't possibly share it all, but here is a peek!


Each month we tried to include a special event or featured activity. Our goal is always centered on building community and applying and synthesizing academic and life skills.


Our principal purchased new furniture for our makerspace! We have 6 modular tables that can be configured in many ways and 12 Kore rocker stools, which are FABULOUS for wiggly friends!
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Information literacy and digital citizenship are critical life skills that students practice throughout the year. Learning to apply technology to solve problems or create presentations takes time and experience. The library plays a big role in developing those skills.

Approaches to Learning


About Mason Library

Mason Elementary opened in 1994 and officially became an IB PYP World School in 2014. We serve over 600 students and 70 faculty and staff.

Tracey Rice has been Mason's Librarian for 10 years. She has a passion for learning and a love for books, technology, and kids. Her current obsessions are makerspaces and all things steampunk.

Looking Forward