Laura Endres, Rich Magnus, Freddie Trahanas.

Are You What You Eat?

Throughout time, constant warring between bordering territories and internal conflicts has greatly impacted their economy. The people of Chad go through periods of starvation and eat a simple diet of vegetation and some meats.

What do these points have to do with what is eaten in Chad vs the United States?

Because Chad has far less arable land than the United States, they cannot grow near as many types of crops so their selection is limited. Whereas in the United States, various types of crops can be planted and harvested without a problem. Having less variety of crops also means less exports, so less money is received. Which means Chad cannot spend much money on imports, limiting their selection of foods to those they can produce and harvest themselves. Chad doesn't have any coastline so the only fishing they can do is in Lake Chad, further limiting their resources.

Obesity Rates

According to the graph, the United States has a far higher obesity rate. This is because in the United States, people can spend more money on unnecessary foods, often having a higher fat or sugar content. In Chad, however, the people only eat what they need and what is available to them, making their obesity rate much lower.


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