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October 15, 2015

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Star Student of the Week: Aaron Polk

Aaron Polk is a 2nd year MBA student and will be graduating in just a couple months. When he started the program, he initially thought investment banking was the route he wanted to go with his background and strong financial analysis skills. However after working at Nordstrom during the Christmas season he realized that he was also an outstanding salesman and found commercial banking to be a perfect fit for combining the two- analyzing a company’s financials and selling them the right kind of financing.

Aaron applied to all the banking internships he could find and faced a lot of rejection due to his lack of banking experience. “Since commercial banking required associates to analyze financial statements, I compensated my lack of banking experience by loading up on as many accounting courses as I could. I took an additional two accounting courses beyond the three core requirements. I began emphasizing my accounting skills on my resume and asking God for help in my prayers.” Suddenly, he started getting interviews with several banks. He also received a scholarship and attended the National Black MBA Expo last month. Ultimately, Aaron received two offers, one of them being Bank of America in the exact position he wanted, which he accepted.

Aaron’s advice to fellow students:

“Have faith in God, you can do all things through Christ, especially during the hard times when you’re facing constant rejection. Be humble, just because you’re the loudest or most talkative student in the room, it doesn’t make you the smartest or most successful. Treat all students with respect, otherwise you might cause resentment from someone who could help you out in the future. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and I thank everyone who has helped me throughout this journey.”

Congratulations Aaron!

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17 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes

Andrew LaCivita - Chief Executive of milewalk Inc. shared this article on LinkedIn that we thought we would share. Hopefully this will keep you from making some mistakes in your next interview!

1. Not researching the company and job interviews.

2. Not researching yourself.

3. Not being prepared with an abundance of questions.

4. Not deodorizing your social media platform.

5. Being late.

6. Not shaking hands and looking the interviewer in the eye and maintaining that eye contact throughout the job interview.

7. Not directly answering the question.

8. Not providing enough color.

9. Not providing the information the interviewer actually needed to know.

10. Providing too much information.

11. Criticizing.

12. Answering any type of distraction.

13. Falling flat at the end and not proactively expressing interest.

14. Dressing like a slob.

15. Don't touch.

16. Don't smell.

17. Forgetting to gather his/her contact information so you can provide a thank-you email and/or card.

View the full article here:

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Gallup Information Session

At Gallup, we have great people, the best people. The work we do exudes our world-class talent. But that’s not enough; we want to add to our roster of brilliant consultants who work relentlessly to make this world a better place.


You have an advanced degree, which signifies your drive for greatness. You are a self-starter,willing to do what it takes to help clients uncover their most challenging problems. Your influence is apparent, and you have a natural demeanor that drives people to greatness.You’re an innovator who will solve clients’ most critical business challenges by providing long-term, actionable advice.


Please join Director of Talent Sourcing, Susan Shald as she shares more information about Gallup and their potential career opportunities.

Malibu Pepperdine Campus Session: October 21, 2015, 12:00PM

***Gallup also holds Workshops that help you improve your talents and skills in becoming a consultant.

Strengths-Based Business Development Workshop

November 8, 2015, 8:30AM

Located at the UCI Campus

All Candidates Welcome

Register for all these events through the Career Portal.

Upcoming Events:

  • October 21 - 12pm: Gallup Information Session (Malibu Campus)
  • October 23 - 2pm: Cornerstone OnDemand MBA Trek - MBAs Only!
  • October 30 - 12pm: Marketing Careers with Professor Doreen Shanahan
  • November 5-7: Net Impact Conference
  • November 6 - 12pm: Careers with Fashion Industry Leader BCBG
  • November 7 - 9am: The Global Trends Shaping Global Business featuring Peter Navarro - WLA Campus
  • November 8 - 8:30am: Gallup Strengths Based Business Development Workshop (Off Campus)
  • November 11: Dun & Bradstreet Information Session - MBAs Only!
  • November 17: LA Tech Summit
  • November 22: Applications due for Dun & Bradstreet - MBAs Only!

Register for these events through the Career Portal! Space is limited!

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