Technology Usage

My personal philosophy

Hazelwood school district

After reviewing the philosophy statement laid out by the Hazelwood School District ( I was disappointed to find it did not deal with the students' fair usage or technology use as much as it did employees. It focuses mostly on how all teacher computers are monitored and the consequences for violating any policies.

My Philosophy

I found a resource that discussed the nine elements of digital citizenship that I have shaped my personal philosophy around. ( I believe that all students need to be educated at a young age about technology, how to use it appropriately and safely. Students need to understand that not everyone has access to technology or the internet and it is important to be aware of that and help provide alternative options. I also believe all students need to be aware that you can buy and sell all types of things online. Students need to understand how to do so legally and safely, not infringing on copyright laws and not being scammed for personal information like a credit card. Students need to be made aware of the pros and cons of online communication and collaborating and taught to differentiate between the to and know how to determine if it is safe or not to be communicating with someone. Students have to be taught what copyright law is and how to search and find sources that have a creative commons license and can be re-used, as well as the fair use guidelines. Students also need to be taught how to be responsible and use technology appropriately. This means using the appropriate web-site or application that the teacher has instructed them to use. If all students are taught these important skills dealing with technology, then the technology will be more successful in being a positive tool to aide in educating children.