Heading into the HOTTEST time of the year!!

You guys BLEW AUGUST out of the water!! Arbonne is throwing out some pretty incredible incentives!! Bonus volume for the next AIT PACKED YOUR CALENDAR, TALKED TO EVERYONE ABOUT THE BUSINESS, GOT THEM LAUNCHED THIS MONTH!! It benefitted THEM and YOU!!!

Fill your calendar with 8-14 NEW & YOU (new BB's parties and your own parties) product demos/group presentations/parties AND make it your goal to have 10 people do the detox bootcamp September and October!! People are ready to get back on track eating and this is a great way to serve them!

Make sure to see the RVP2B Bootcamp Calls below that I'm challenging you to listen to ALL of them by September 30th!! Grow yourself, grow your business!! See the bottom of this flyer!!

What are you going to do to have your best month yet??

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Recognition Effective September 1st

Congratulations on your promotion or qualification!

Regional Vice President in Qualification

Nicole Mize Thorpe in the WRIGHT NATION

Karyn Ross in the WRIGHT NATION

Emily Sandusky in the WRIGHT NATION

½ Way to Region

JoJo deBeaubien in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Kelli Trent in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Sabine Bezdek in Arlene Burgess’ Region

*NEW* Area Managers (6% Payraise!!)

Courtney Bauer (KS) promoted by Shannon Hare’s Area

Sabine Bezdek promoted by Arlene Burgess

*New* District Managers (8% Payraise)

Kaycee Shiskowsky in Raven Astrom’s District

Amber Scott promoted by Sabine Bezdek's District

Danielle Bartel Palmer promoted by Amanda Thayer

Richelle Ray (KS) promoted by Courtney Bauer

Candace Byrn promoted by Lindsay Bauerle

District Managers in Qualification

Erin Zanotti in Christina Zanotti's District

Heather Olsen in Cheri Kenison’s District

Amber Mayse in Cheri Kenison’s District

Cheryl Thorp in Kyla Jones’ District

Carolyn Spaulding in Kyla Jones’ District

Nicci Kochsmeier in Kelli Helzer's District

Kari Wilson in Kelli Helzer's District

Erika Riley in Krista Sabec LaBrot's District

Kristi Reineke in Krista Sabec LaBrot's District

Rushelle & Mark Davy (partnership) in Heidi Grogg's District

Alicia Walterman in Randi Swenson's District

Brenda Baril in Sabine Bezdek’s District

Regina Schied in Sabine Bezdek’s District

Melanie Eastridge in Sabine Bezdek’s District

Tammy Campbell in Sabine Bezdek’s District

Monique Jirik in Arlene Burgess District

Becca Davidson in Arlene Burgess District

Kathy Nichols in Nichole Whitley's district

Ashley Gray in Angelle Schott's District
Emily Burch in Tiffany Weaver's District
Barb Barker in RJ Moyer's District
Jennifer Singleterry in Amanda Thayer's District
Vanessa Bojorquez (KS) in Courtney Bauer's District
Doc Trotter (KS) in Courtney Bauer's District
Aileen Gahagan (CA) in Kelli Trent's District
Jennifer Wettergren in Mandie Atchity's District
Haley Malesenka in Lauren Malesenka's District
Wendy Sjardeema in Jojo deBeaubien's District

Patricia Rinn in Sarah Rehm's District

Ashley Johnson in Nadine Fonseca's District

Amy LeVeck in Lindsay Bauerle's District

Kristen Stone in Jardin Loeffler's District

Jessica Vergara in Melanie Plummer's District

Jessica Daabs in Tiffani Ragan's District

Jenn Egan Fowler in Dayle Cedar's District

Courtney Nunez in Lindsay Bauerle's District

Karly Horton in Sara Larson's District

Michelle McKibben in Sara Murray's District

Sara Sumerlin in Nikki McCue's District

Heather Dahlgren in Brianna Widen’s District

Amber McSwain in Lindsay's Bauerle's District

DM Bonus Earners

(Extra $200 on top of you paycheck!)

Sabine Bezdek

Courtney Bauer

Amanda Thayer

Kyla Jones

Krista Sabec-Labrot

Lindsay Bauerle

Raven Astrom

Tiffany Weaver

Kelli Trent

JoJo deBeaubien

AM Bonus Earners

(Extra $400 on top of you paycheck!)

Arlene Burgess

RVP Bonus Earners

(Extra $600 on top of you paycheck!)

Amanda Thayer



Top Region Sales ($)

Amanda Thayer – $73,315

Top Region Sponsoring

Amanda Thayer – 74

Top Area Sales ($)

Arlene Burgess - $35,234

Kelli Trent - $19,840

Amanda Thayer - $19,441

Raven Astrom - $17,095

Shannon Hare - $16,604

Kelli Helzer - $15,041

Kelly Brgoch - $13,799

Wendy Johnson - $13,589

Lindsay Bauerle - $13,177

Tarrah Brandsma - $12,347

Top Area Sponsoring (# of NEW PCs/Cons)

Arlene Burgess - 26

Shannon Hare - 22

Raven Astrom - 20

Amanda Thayer - 20

Erin Geiger - 15

Lindsay Bauerle - 14

Kelli Trent - 12

Tiffany Weaver - 10

Kelly Brgoch - 10

Kelli Helzer – 8

Top District Sales ($)

Sabine Bezdek - $17,063

Courtney Bauer - $14,370

Amanda Thayer - $12,886

Kelli Trent - $8,157

Kyla Jones - $7,620

Krista Sabec - $7,602

Arlene Burgess - $7,404

Lindsay Bauerle - $7,371

Raven Astrom - $6,525

Mandie Atchity - $5,841

Top District Sponsoring (# of NEW PCs/Cons)

Courtney Bauer - 20

Amanda Thayer - 18

Sabine Bezdek - 12

Kyla Jones - 10

Sarah Rehm - 8

Arlene Burgess - 6

Raven Astrom - 6

Lindsay Bauerle - 6

Krista Sabec - 6

Tiffany Weaver – 6

VP2B Bootcamp Calls - READY TO GO REGION???

Below are some AMAZING calls from top leaders in Arbonne with TIPS on going region in 6 months!! ENVP Mary Wright took the initiative to have all these calls recorded and she has shared them with us!!

Take the time to listen to one of these a day as you fill your calendar fuller than you have YET!!

It's time for a WHITE OUT in the Brandsma Nation!!

ENVP Tiffany Anzelc

ENVP Tracey Gatchel

ENVP Lori Lucero

ENVP TIffany Bufton

ENVP Kristen Walter

NVP Toni Templeman

NVP Sara Davenport

NVP Mo Boeger

ENVP Wendy Cunningham

ENVP Micheline Kirsebaum

ENVP Molly Geil

ENVP Linda Parker

NVP Jenny Kronbach

ENVP Beth Malcook

NVP Dr. Laura Fortner

NVP Liz DeLoach

ENVP Tarrah Brandsma

ENVP Mary Wright

ENVP Katie De Dominicis