Voices From The Oregon Trail

By: Jillian Clifford

Entry #1

The day started out fine until we came across a river. We either had the choice to pay an Indian to help us, or go across ourselves. I chose to cross myself. I ended up safe on the other side. We also had to search for water, because one wagon did not being bring water barrels we were delayed. We also stopped for a hunting session and I could hunt because I had a rifle. I got 15 pounds of meat. We met another Indian and had to play his game. Our wagon lost and had $25 taken from us.

Entry #2

Early in the morning we came across another river, and we were offered another ferry. I did not take it because I do not trust Indians that much. My wagon tipped and I lost 100 BWU's. We came across a split in the path and shows the second one. This path is longer but much safer. We are delayed by people's animals not being able to be fed. The rest of the day went swell.

Entry #3

Today was nice and sunny and we also came across some Native Americans who wanted to trade for clothes return we got horses and animal feed. Because of this trading spree we got delayed. We come across yet another river and I decide to take a ferry. The ferry safely takes me to the other side but I happen to lose $50. This wasn't a huge deal though because I am a merchant. we coming to contact with another split in the trail but this time there is three/four paths. After we consult, we decide to take path three which is 50-50 for being dangerous or not. Let's hope this works out!

Entry #4

The day started out rough when we found out my youngest son, William, contracted Cholera. William has been nauseous and has been cramping for a while now, I hope he's alright. This disease can be cured but needs good living conditions which we do not have. Later in the afternoon we end up needing to turn around and go onto massacre path. Due to being on ancient burial grounds for the Indians we are attacked, and 500 BWU's are taking away from me. Later in the evening we approach the end but the exit will soon pile up with snow. We do not know if we should go forward and take that chance or turn back. We eventually decide to turn back because it seems to be the safest. We were quite mistaken when we were attacked by Indians and Lost all of our stuff. Most people injuried, we will not make it... This will be my last entry.