Canadian Shield

Survival Rates

A Description Of The Region

  • Wraps around southern parts of Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes
  • Horseshoe shape, looks like a shield
Key Features
  • Hills worn by erosion
  • Hundreds of lakes carved by melted glaciers
  • Some of the oldest rock formations in North America

Inside The Region

Water Resources
  • Hudson Bay
  • Great Lakes
  • Hundred of other lakes
Land forms
  • None

Survival Rate

The Canadian Shield has a lot of lakes for fresh water,but, it is freezing. The water might be frozen or you might get caught in the snow. Snow will slow you down a lot and it is very painful to freeze to death. Although, you might have a better chance if the apocalypse if it was summer. If it was summer, I would give the Canadian Shield a but if not, I'd give it a 2.