Kitchen and Food saftey

By: Danae Spizziri

How to prevent kitchen accidents

.Dont try to catch a falling knife you can cut yourself

.Dont run! you can slip and fall if there are spills on the floor

.Always put your hair in a pony tail to avoid it catching on fire

.Don't ever pull a plug by the cord you can get shocked

.Always assume that pots and pans are hot, they might be

.Do not eat the chemicals you may die

What to do in an emergancy

.If on fire do not stop drop and roll. Wrap yourself In the fire blanket

.If there is a grease fire, DO NOT PUT WATER ON IT! It will get bigger put baking soda on it

.always have 911 on speed dial

.If you get a cut on your arm, put it above your head to lessen the bleeding

.If you touch a pot that is hot and get burned, run it under cold water

Foodborne Illnesses

.Sickness from eating foods that aren't safe to eat

.microorganisms are tiny little organisms that can only be seen with a microscope

.bacteria likes to multiply in a warm environment more

.you can get many different types of illness from raw foods

.follow the proper steps to wash your hands so you don't infect the food

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how to prevent foodborne illnesses

.Always wash your hands in HOT SOAPY after handling foods

.Always use a thermometer for cooking meats

.Always wash the dishes after cutting with or on them

.Bacteria can multiply rapidly 4-60 degrees Celsius

.do not leave food out for more than 2 hours

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