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Week of March 27, 2016

Tootling- the opposite of tattling. Tootling is when students write a positive note about their classmates or teacher and stick it up on our tootling board. They love doing it, and it helps promote a cohesive classroom community!
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March 27, 2016

Dear Team,

Happy Easter! Hopefully, all of you are enjoying the long weekend with family and friends. The end of 3rd MP is Friday. It's hard to believe that there is only one more marking period left this school year. This is an excellent time for reflection on personal and professional goals. Please take some time to pause, reflect, and plan action steps to FINISH STRONG!

Please submit all grades by April 13th and report cards will be distributed on April 15th.

Family Reading Night

I am truly grateful to all who helped with our first Family Reading Night. Every survey completed by parents that evening rated the selection of activities as excellent and people are very likely to attend future events. The comments included:

  • Love the classes! Great info!
  • I had a great time learning about where we need to improve. I also enjoyed learning the books he likes.
  • Wonderful event! Great info!
  • It was engaging and fun!
  • We enjoyed it!
  • Our children are in 3rd and 1st. Both are good readers but we loved learning new strategies to help them get even better. Would like to see other subjects at future parent nights...math strategies, etc...
  • Family Reading NIght was very informative. I would definitely attend again. Great activities.
  • Love to attend another Family Reading Night.
  • Great event! Teachers were well-prepared.
  • Each teacher did an excellent job providing information or just having a nice, fun room to spend time with your child. I had a great time and took home a lot of learning/reading tools.

Leaders of the Month

An iPad is being sent from teacher to teacher with the list of Leaders of the Month. Please record a very short video of yourself with the students and return the iPad to me by Friday. I will put all of the videos together to create a video to celebrate these students.

Staff vs. 5th Grade Basketball Game

Our Blueberry Ambassador/Leadership Team is organizing a fundraiser for the Genesee County Food Bank. It will take place on May 19th from 6:00-8:00 at The Cage Fieldhouse. We will set up at 5:00 and doors will open at 5:30. Please sign up HERE if you are able to help in any way. We need players, concessions, ticket counter, & cheerleaders. Rod has graciously agreed to be the announcer for the game.

The week ahead...

Monday, March 28

  • Final Mystery Monday

Tuesday, March 29

  • PAL meeting 3:00-3:10 in Martie's room. I will meet with the high school PALS for 10 minutes to check in.
  • 2nd Grade Teacher Lab at Syring in the afternoon
  • Positive Post-It Day: March 29th CLICK HERE

Thursday, March 31

  • 1st Grade Teacher Lab at Elms in the morning
  • Bikes for Books Assembly 2:30-3:00

Friday, April 1

  • All school field trip to PAC. We will board buses at 9:30 and return to the building by 11:30.
  • Half day of school; Students dismissed at 11:55
  • PM Records Day (Teaching staff may complete report cards in the afternoon at the location of your choice.)

Coming Soon...

Enjoy your spring break!




Please read the important MSTEP online preparation information and administration guide on the links above. The sooner we review these documents to ensure we fully understand the expectations for online testing, the better.

Special Highlights for Staff to Use When Giving Directions to Students:

  • The most important direction to students is DO NOT HIT THE "REVIEW/END TEST" or "END TEST" button until you have answered all questions and you are ready to end the test.
  • At Morrish, I want to tell our students that they are NOT ALLOWED to hit the review/end test or end test buttons without permission from an adult so that we can verify that they truly are finished with the test. Once the end test button is pressed, the test will be submitted and they are not able to log back in to finish.
  • Be sure to point out to students that like last year's paper/pencil MSTEP test, there will be questions that require more than one answer. It is KEY that students READ CAREFULLY and FOLLOW all directions. If the test question says "select two" student must select two answers. If the test question says "select all that are correct", there may be one, two, three or even all answers that are correct. If there is a table to fill in, students need to make sure they have filled in all parts of the table.
  • For Morrish students, please tell them NOT to mark "do not show this message again". These are warning messages to students, that they need to read and carefully consider and raise their hand and ask an adult if they aren't sure what the warning message is telling them. We don't want to turn warning messages off, because then the student may make a mistake and not be given a warning and a chance to stop before making that mistake.
  • Please note in the manual that for students who finish early, they are NOT to go to another website or use the computer at all. They may bring a book (not a textbook, a book they are reading for pleasure) to read when they are all finished and an adult agrees that they are done and have submitted their test online.

When we return from spring break we will complete spring testing. The DRAFT schedules can be accessed on the links below. Please review these schedules and give me feedback on what changes should be considered. The computer lab will be utilized for multiple testing days. Our laptops will be set up in the art room and will be connected to power strips in order for students to complete testing without the risk of computer batteries dying. This means that some art and technology specials will need to be held in classrooms. Additionally, those who sign up for the laptop carts will need to take their classes to the art room as we are NOT unhooking them until the testing window is closed.



All Staff Involved in Supervising MSTEP Testing and Preparing Students for MSTEP

Please read and study carefully the materials on this page, as well as the student prep materials that are found on a separate page (link at the bottom of this page).

MSTEP Online Prep for Students

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Swartz Creek Community Schools

MISSION: Swartz Creek Community Schools inspires our learners to embrace challenges, set goals, grow their talents, and realize their dreams for success in a global society.

VISION: Swartz Creek Community Schools provides a world class education through innovative experiences while developing the unique talents of our learners.

- We believe in a culture of learning.
- We believe that student learning should be the primary goal for all decisions made affecting the school district.
- We believe the climate and culture of the school is engaging, nurturing, challenging, and inspires students to express their personal ideas.
- We believe curriculum is integrated, differentiated, meaningful, and pertinent to life.
- We believe in culturally relevant education that provides the knowledge and skills to meet the global challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.
- We believe in continuous improvement informed by critical evaluation and reflection.
- We believe expanding technologies enrich how teachers teach and students learn.
- We believe in building relationships and sharing resources with our community, parents, and staff members.