Tips for Stress

Little things that can help

Keep your body healthy

+Getting proper rest and nutrition can help you feel better about your situation.

+Exercise is another good way to keep your body healthy and your mind off things. A good jog can work wonders

+Try to stay away from sugar and caffeine, those will only add to your stress and worsen things.

Don't pile things on

+If things are stressing you out already, theres no need to add to it. If you can, politely decline when others ask something of you, more work for you is more stress and worse health.

+Talk about what you are stressing about to a friend or family member, even a therapist, sometimes getting things off your chest helps and you may get needed medications.

Do what you like

+Spend time with loved ones, often times being around those who make you happy will reduce stress and help you laugh, giving you a well needed break from stressful activities or times.

+Do things like read or listen to music to help you relax, doing things you enjoy can really help with stress.