Investment Advisor

JP Merriman

What is an Investment Advisor?

An Investment Advisor is someone who sits down with clients and talks to them about possible stock they could buy, or if the client just needs any help with financial choices or managing their money.

What to know about being an Investment or Financial Advisor


Educational Steps for this career:

- Take classes in High School that will help you with Finance.

- Graduate High School.

- Go to a college that has good classes for Finance.

- Graduate college with a four year degree.


The salary amount you will make each year will depend on where you are working, and how long you have been working for that company.

California Salary:

- Entry Wage: $69,380

- Median Wage: $90,380

- Experienced Wage: $118, 520


The jobs for a Financial or Investment Advisor can depend on the clients goals and needs, some of the jobs they will typically have is...

- Make a Financial Profile for each client with their salary

- Set up the clients goals

- Recommend payment options for the clients bills, and living expenses based on their income.

About Me

I am currently a Freshman in High School and want to attend University of San Francisco to study Finance. My goal in life is to have a career in Finance working in the city. I would like to work where it is Highly Populated. I picked the career of working in Finance because my uncle works in finance and I see his lifestyle and that is the lifestyle I want to live in could see myself living in.