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Spiritual Hygiene

8/5/2014- 9pm/est New Health Care Paradigm, Upgrade Your DNA

What is spiritual Hygiene? It's our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires.

In this free on line webinar we will discover the process of bringing profound change into our lives by becoming self-aware. We will begins by determining weather we have unconscious sabotaging negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions by learning how to do self muscle testing, identifying emotions triggers and understanding the pain body

In this free On line Webinar we will learn how to explore our inner child, through different types of healing modalities,that allows us to analyze the pain body and become more conscious and self-aware. .

Having self-awareness, self-respect and resolution of inner child issues allows us to see ourselves differently therefore creating new and more supportive life experiences. The pain and negativity from the past seem to magically dissolve. Not because we're ignoring it or medicating it, but because we will learn how to get to the root and causes of our past traumas, which keep us blocked.

Self-awareness enables us to forgive, it frees us from spiritual blocks that cause us to dwell in the past and repeat the same behaviors which keeps us from experiencing new and more supportive life experiences.

When Spiritually Blocked we seem to get caught up in a never ending cycle of negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions, which are seldom our intention. They just seem to happen, almost like a reflex. These habitual thought patterns easily slip by unnoticed. Constant repetition of such negative messages distort our perceptions which inevitably hurt us.

Many people become frustrated when they make repeated attempts to change their physical appearance or surroundings so that they'll feel better, and then find that it didn't work. To truly change self requires changing the thoughts, attitudes and emotions.

In this Free On line Webinar we will learn how to determine weather we need inner child healing, spiritual blocked and/or spiritually imbalanced.

1. how to identify and clear inner child wounds,
2. Learn how to reprogram the subconscious mind
3. Spiritually Imbalanced/ chakras/ and physical manifestations.

• addictions
• co-dependent relationships
• chronic pain
• repeated failures
• always feeling like a victim

4. Q & A

Laura Schwalm-Anthony is the Founder of New Health Care Paradigm, Up grade your DNA. Laura is a Master Psychic Healer.who specializes in Psychic Soul Readings, Karmic Clearings and Many Spiritual Clearing and Healing Modalities and Techniques. To read more about Laura Schwalm please go to


Tuesday, Aug. 5th, 9-10:30pm

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Master Psychic Healer, Laura Schwalm-Anthony

Laura Schwalm- Anthony a Master Psychic Healer, Holistic Health & Life style Coach, Founder of Holistic and Spiritual Transitions meet up group and New Health Care Paradigm online Preventative/ Alternative Health and All around Wellness Care.