Author Visit

Penny Parker Klostermann is Coming to Adkins

Tuesday, March 8th

We are extremely excited for author, Penny Parker Klostermann, to come present and share her experience as an author with our students.

Our day with Penny will be chalked full of reading, writing, and revising in order to extend our learning about the writing process. We will hear Penny read from her very own text, discuss what it takes to publish a book, and work with our students in a hands on poetry workshop to beef up their writing with more vivid language.

ALL About Penny

2¢ About Penny

  • As a child, Penny fell backwards from a two-story window.
  • Penny can still stand on her head.
  • Penny was once stung on the lip by a bee. Ouch!
  • One day Penny’s sister was cutting Penny’s bangs. Her sister flippantly snapped the scissors in front of Penny’s face. She accidentally trimmed the tip of Penny’s nose that day, as well as her bangs. Ouch #2!
  • Penny broke her arm in fourth grade while pretending that she was a Olympic ice skater. And that makes #3!
  • Penny’s dad was her principal in school.
  • Penny loves to trout fish. She loves the whole experience, but digging the earthworms for bait may be her favorite part.
  • When Penny was young, she wanted to live in a trampoline house.

Book Signing Opportunity

On March 8th, Penny will not only be presenting to our students, but will take time to personalize and sign copies of her book. We will be making a one time order of Penny's book. If you would like a copy of Penny's book for your student, NOW is your chance!

*Send $15 cash or check (made payable to Adkins PTA) with your child to school

*Visit the Adkins PTA website to purchase a copy online

All Book Orders are due WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24th.

Other Cool Things

Penny has partnered with her great nephew, Landon, who is in the 6th grade to create some literature masterpieces! She writes the poetry and he does the illustrations. Check out the episodes on her blog.

Penny's Website

Want some more information? Visit Penny's website to see it all!