By: Andrew Formanek

Pay It Forward

By: Andrew Formanek

Would you like to PAY IT FORWARD I would because pay it forward means to do something nice and if someone is nice to you you should make it go on or be nice to them. I would love this world to be nice to people and live like they are nice nobody wants to live like they are mean to people. Would you like to PAY IT FORWARD.

One time I helped my mom do the dishes and she said thank you and I was proud of myself just to help someone and other people should be proud for helping someone to and sometimes I like what they are doing so I ask to see if I can help and sometimes they say no But they will thank you for asking.

Another thing that I helped with is taking the trash out for my dad.I thought that would be nice thing to do so I did it.Sometimes my mom comes home when it is horizen and my dad shows her and they are so impressed of me because I don’t do stuff like that a lot.

I want this world to be nice and we won’t get that if we don’t PAY IT FORWARD so I have one question would you like to PAY IT FORWARD.
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