LDE Teams

First Round

LDE Teams- First round

Radio (first round)

Gabriel Zepeda

Brady Morgan

Jayce Morgan

KK Crowsten

Leah Stiles

Desiree Guerrero

Jessica Harper

Rebecca Castaneda

Leah Meyer

Green hand Creed (first round)

Azalea Ramos

Emily Albright

Shirley Bishop

Sr. Creed

Hollie Berg

Jr. Skills (First Round)

Lucas Garcia

Emily Kinane

Alaina Scott

Cami Jouber

Sr. Skills (First Round)

Caitlin Gunnin

Imauri Shelby

Emma Bernal

Rachel Masera

Desaray Guerrero

Ag Advocacy (first round)

Hollie Berg

Carrington Wilson

Jessica Harper

Hailey Knight

Kalie Beyer

Mia Provenzano

Katelyn Salmons

Sr. Quiz

Emma Bernal

Carrington Wilson

Brady Morgan

Jacey Morgan

Haylie Hecox

Zachary Wagoner

Leah Stiles

Elizabeth Ricaldi

Stacey Gillis

Kyle Nichols

Jr. Quiz

Shirley Bishop


Zachary Wagoner

Cate Morse

Gigi Moreno

Eva Hamilton


Emily Tyra

Cade tyra

Katie madden

Vaughn Nixon

Katelyn Raffield

Hailey knight

Caitlyn salmons

SR Chapter (first round)

Catherine Morse

Jayce Morgan

Leah Meyer

Jayden Cole

Kaitlin Crowsten

Grace R

Kayley Beyer

Richard Tyra

Taylor Bossley

Haylie Hecox

JR Chapter (first round)

Shirley Bishop

Sydney Cash

Azayliah Ramos

Jada Luce

Kalie Rinhart

Genevieve Jimenez

Aza Aiken

Riley Worsham

Aaron Navaro

Kendall Griffin

Chelsea Sanker

Pratik Ganhari

Emily Kight

Katelyn Yacuk

Radio Broadcasting

FFA Broadcasting (Mr. Morgan, THS)

A team of 3 members presents an informative radio program covering one or more agricultural subjects that is current in nature and local in content. The contest assumes that the chapter has a regularly scheduled non-commercial radio program once each month over a local station.

Creed Speaking

Jr/Sr. Creed Speaking (Mr. Morgan, THS)

A member presents the FFA Creed from memory and answers questions about its meaning and purpose.

Ag Advocacy

Agricultural Advocacy (Ms. Campise, THS)

A team of 3-5 FFA members give a 5-8 minute presentation to a panel of judges. The presentation is designed to inform the general public and consumers about the importance and value of the agriculture industry and how agriculture impacts human lives.

Chapter Conducting

Jr/Sr. Chapter Conducting (Ms. Guerrero, THS)

Teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the use of correct parliamentary procedures. At the conclusion of the meeting, team members are asked questions regarding parliamentary law.


Jr/Sr. Agricultural Skill Demonstration (Mr. Lynch, PHS)

A team of 3-5 members performs an actual demonstration of an agricultural skill including anything in the Agricultural Science and Technology curriculum using effective public speaking and communication methods.

Job Interview

Job Interview (Mrs. Kraus, PHS)

At the competition, each member submits their resume, completes a job application for an agricultural position on site and participates in an interview via telephone, in person one-on-one and with a panel of possible employers.

Ag Issues

Agricultural Issues (Mrs. Kraus, PHS)

A team of 3-7 FFA members research and analyze a current agriculture issue, create a portfolio and also develop and deliver a presentation that stresses both pros and cons of their selected agricultural issues.


Public Relations (Ms. Ricketts, DHS)

A team of between two and four FFA members develop and presents a 5-8 minute program to inform a specified target audience regarding the Texas FFA and what it represents. The presentation is developed assuming that the target audience has no knowledge of the FFA. Team members are asked questions in response to their program following the presentation.

Practice Schedule

DHS to THS is bus 284

PHS to THS is bus 204

9/26@ 3 PM Tuesday Information meeting @ Ag Facility next to THS

9/28@ 3 PM Thursday Practice

10/3@ 3 PM Tuesday Practice

10/5@ 3 PM Thursday Practice

10/10@ 3 PM Tuesday Practice

10/16@ 3 PM Monday Practice (Tentative)

10/17@ 4:30 PM Tuesday Practice

10/24@ 3 PM Tuesday Practice

10/26@ 3 PM Thursday Practice

10/31@ 3 PM Tuesday Practice

11/1@ 3 PM Wednesday Practice

11/2@ 3 PM Thursday Practice

11/6@ 3 PM Monday Practice

11/7@ 6 PM Tuesday Practice

11/8@7 AM Wednesday Contest @ THS- Please make sure you are in Official Dress and you are on time!

Quiz Team

Jr/Sr. Agricultural Quiz (Ms. Morgan, THS)

An exam testing team members’ understanding of the FFA, agricultural education, current agricultural events and parliamentary procedure is given. Teams can be made of 3 or 4 members.

Practice Schedule-

Sept. 26, Tuesday @ 2:45

Sept. 27, Wednesday @ 2:45

Oct. 4, Wednsday @ 2:45

Oct. 5, Thursday @ 2:45

Oct. 10, Tuesday @ 2:45

Oct. 11, Wednesday @ 2:45

Oct. 17, Tuesday @ 2:45

Oct. 18, Wednesday @ 2:45

Oct. 23, Monday @ 2:45

Oct. 24, Tuesday @ 2:45

Oct. 25, Wednesday @ 2:45

Oct. 30, Monday @ 2:45

Oct. 31, Tuesday @ 2:45

Nov. 6, Monday @ 2:45

Nov. 7, Tuesday @ 2:45