Ned Kelly

By athmar habeb

What is a bushranger?

Busrangers were people who stolel gold from miners.Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger.

Ned Kelly's Early Life

Edward was the real name of Ned Kelly.He was born in June 1854.Edward when he was younger he stolel 280 horses and his family it was bad because all the family sistrs and brothrs stilling many and animals

Ned Kelly's Crimes

Ned Kelly's leamed to be bushranger from Harry Power,an old bushranger.Ned Kelly made a gang with his brother and friends.The Kelly gang was made up of Ned Kell,Dan Kelly,steve hart and joe byrne.they killed a trooper at stringybark creek because they were scared the troopers would kill them first.

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Ned Kelly's Capture

The kelly Gang have a friend called Aaron Sherritt the they found that he was a spy and they shoot him