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Antrim Elementary School October 1, 2020

Welcome October!

Greetings Families and Friends of AES,

We are delighted to welcome a new month which promises to be full of fun, learning and cool weather. Remember, there is no school on Monday October 12th. It is a professional development day for teachers. Halloween is at the end of the month, and I am sorry to report that we will not be doing a parade this year due to our current circumstances. However, we will take some time that day to participate in Halloween-themed activities in class. I wish you a fabulous weekend, and enjoy the news from our teachers for the coming month. ~Mrs. Syre-Hager

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Muzart News for Pod B

Muzart News

Hello Pod B AES Families! In Muzart we have been practicing the Studio Habit of Mind (SHoM) to Express our ideas, feelings and thoughts through art making and music listening. We also continue to practice the SHoM to Develop Craft by using art materials and tools safely. We have explored ideas, feelings and thoughts through looking at other artists work such as Hundertwasser, Georgia O'Keeffe, Peter Reynolds, Henri Matisse, Vivaldi, Duke Ellington and Scott Joplin.

Next month we will learn about the SHoM to Observe and look closely at the world around us. Making instruments will be a focus during our Music experience.

Our student artists and musicians have been showing Eagle Values of Kindness, Cooperation, Respect, Honesty and Grit through their work each day!

Carole Storro

Notes from the Office

Thank you parents for returning all the First Day Paperwork in a timely manner. This information is critical for the smooth operation in the office and is greatly appreciated. Please continue to use Pickup Patrol as this is a tool that helps ensure smooth arrival and departures for our students.

Picture Day

Picture Day will be help on Friday October 23rd. This year will be a bit different as we will be taking the pictures outdoors. We are using the vendor Lifetouch. They are offering new packages this year and are encouraging people to place orders on line. Please check your email next week for more detailed information.

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Mr. Stulz News

Access our library from home! Destiny Discover is our new platform designed to ease the access to our library collection. It allows for access from home. You can either browse or login with your Google login. Once accessing the site, you can browse the collection, see what books you have checked out, and even place a hold for a book you are interested in. It's really exciting. With the library space currently closed for all students, this will definitely be beneficial for everyone.

In other news, stay tuned as we are in the planning phases of a 3rd weather forecast project. We will be using a green screen and some amazing weather experts.

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A Note from Ms. Hartshorne

Our classroom is off to a wonderful start. We have practiced our, "Four to Soar" ways to keep ourselves healthy during in person learning, and it is amazing how well the students have adapted to the routines of masks, distancing, learning spaces, and handwashing. We are learning about insects and will soon be creating insect masks featuring the different ways that insects eat! We have been busy making groups of numbers up to 10, and will continue to build our math fluency in the coming weeks. Reading groups are beginning as well this month, with the help of online learning, Letterlanders, and reading our leveled books. A highlight this year has also been the forest classroom in the back of the school. I have really enjoyed getting to know the amazing group, and look forward to welcoming back some of the remote students as we move into October.
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Kindergarten in Ms. Lescarbeau's Class

We have been enjoying getting to know each other and learning our routines for school! We have learned most of our Letterland friends, started sorting objects in math, and learned about the weather in science. We took a field trip to the woods behind AES to look for signs of fall! We also met Miss Jeannie on Zoom to help us make outdoor learning bags. We decorated canvas bags with stencils to bring our materials outside for learning times.

In October, we will finish our weather unit and move into social studies where we will discuss community helpers. In math we will work with showing numbers to 5 in many different ways. We will also learn more about our Letterland friends and the sounds they make in words.

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A Note from Mrs. Hill

Welcome to Mrs. Hill's 3/4 class! It has been a wonderful start to the school year. We are excited to see what will happen next. There is a lot to look forward to in October.

In Literacy, we will begin working on main ideas and supporting details. This helps us to further our understanding of informational texts. It will also help us begin our study of NH animals. We are lucky that the Harris Center for Conservation Education will be joining us. The research will end in a presentation of what we have learned.

In writing, we will be putting our information into paragraphs to share our new knowledge.

In Math, we are going to be working on several things: place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Whoa! we will be busy.

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PE Wellness Information for Pod A

Hello Eagles, this year has started off fast. It has been great to get to know the children in this school. I can tell that this is a special place to be. In September we spent a lot of time learning about game play and the many new procedures for Wellness Class. The students are doing well and now that I am more comfortable with their knowledge, we can start some sport activities. In October we will introduce soccer and frisbee. Also, we will complete Health Smart Activities 2 and 3. It is looking like October will be a cool and damp month. Please send students to school with a change of clothes and an extra pair of sneakers. We are outside for Wellness. If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact me.

Joe Benham

AES Wellness Teacher

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A Note from Ms. Lawler

We have had an incredible start to the school year in 2nd grade! We've been balancing learning inside and outside and really embracing the opportunity to learn in different ways and in different environments. I am so impressed with how our class has already come together as a positive, supportive learning community. In September, we read many wonderful picture books and focused on the skill of asking and answering who, what, where, why and when questions about the story. We also began our study of the school gardens, using lessons designed by the Cornucopia teachers. We've identified the different edible parts of a plant, learned the five things plants need to grow and survive and explored the gardens looking for insects. In October, we will continue our science study in the garden and also begin to learn about how different seeds are dispersed. Our seed study will culminate with a really fun project that our Arts Integration coordinator, Jeannie Connolly will help us with. Our class will create a mural that shows the different ways seeds can travel. As the weather gets colder, we'll continue to learn outdoors and enjoy this beautiful Fall.

Breathing with Ms. Gregg, School Counselor

A Simple Breathing Practice to Promote Relaxation and Alleviate Stress

Taking a few moments to breathe, to notice the air coming into our nose and the air leaving or nose or mouth is easy strategy to promote rest, relaxation and to alleviate stress or anxiety.

First, find a comfortable place to sit. Sit upright so the lungs can inflate fully. Close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so.

Now, take a slow, deep breath, counting slowly from 1 to 4: 1…….2…….3…...4 and

Hold that breath, again silently and slowly counting: 1….2….3….4

Then, slowing exhale from the nose or mouth, again silently, slowly counting: 1….2….3…..4…

And again, hold your breath for a count of four: 1…2….3…..4…..

Repeat two to four times.

This is helpful at any time of day or night and can be particularly helpful at bedtime. Sweet Dreams!

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News from Mr. MacLeod

Mr. MacLeod's 4th Grade students will be beginning our science mammal study with Karen Rent from the Harris Center. We will be doing outdoor learning exploring mammal adaptations and how mammals prepare for the winter. In math, we are working with large numbers (millions and more), comparing their sizes and representing them in different ways. We will practice adding and subtracting these large numbers using the standard algorithm later in October. In literacy, we will continue to apply story elements in our shared stories and passages, independent reading, and stories we write ourselves. Those story elements are plot (the events in the story), character (who is in the story and what they are like), setting (where and when the story takes place), and theme (the message or lesson). We will keep working on self-regulation strategies and Four To Soar (learning space, masks, six feet apart, and handwashing) throughout the month.
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Meet our Education Support Team

Hello! We are the Special Education team at AES. Jean Robinson is the Special Ed. Teacher for Pod B. Katie Page and Allison Lipnoski are the Special Ed. Teachers for Pod A. We provide additional support within the classroom for students who need it, as well as pull-out services for identified students. We also work with a group of fantastic paraprofessionals who help us to support our students in their classrooms - Laurie Haggett, Emily Platt, and Nikki Streeter.

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Greetings from Mrs. Donovan

Looking forward to October in Mrs. Donovan's class, we will be welcoming two new classmates!

We will be learning more about how insects' bodies help them survive, and learning about different kinds of weather. We'll be moving into learning about light and shadow, and doing some investigations with pumpkins. In all our Science work, we use what we know and what we learn to create art and writing, and to enjoy nonfiction books, stories, poems, and action chants.

We'll also be telling stories through pictures and words as we learn about narrative writing. There's so much going on!

Mr. Morris' News

Third and Fourth Graders are off and learning in POD B! Now that our routines and expectations are set we are ready to begin October in full learning mode. You can expect third graders to be multiplying and dividing by making equal groups and arrays, while fourth graders are adding, subtracting and rounding numbers into the millions. Both grades will be working on mapping skills to start the month, followed by a mammal study with the Harris Center.

Every class has it's own personality. This class is creative and curious. They have created some incredible art with Mrs. Storro, and invented their own games at recess. Curiosity strikes outside where they have discovered many insects on the playground that we take a picture of and then identify later. Did you know you can find fuzzy white growths on an oak leaf called Wooly Oak Leaf Galls? It is created by the cynipid wasp, also called a gallfly. This is just one of our recent recess discoveries!

Looking for a job?

AES is in need of substitute teachers. Please consider joining the team. For the application, click here.

Title 1

Hi Antrim families!

My name is Emily Bennett and I am happy to be joining your school this year as your Title 1 teacher! I will be focusing on reading with your children, working on ways to increase knowledge of letters, letter sounds, and reading fluency, among other reading skills. I've met most of your children already, and they have been a joy to work with! Please reach out to me if you have any concerns about your child's reading, or if you'd like to talk about ways to support your child in reading at home. If you could save the date of Wednesday, October 21 at 5 pm , we would love to see you join us at our Title 1 Zoom meeting to talk about funds available for this school year for family engagement activities at AES. We would love to hear your feedback about how we can best spend this money to support you and your children this year. Happy reading!

Mrs. Bennett

Zoom link:

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Meeting ID: 242 759 8708
Passcode: 996767