Hawk Weekly

October 28th-November 1st

ISM... What's that?!

Our Instructional Support Model is called ISM and we focus on supporting the classroom instruction on concepts that students need more practice on or topics that we can introduce and give some opportunities for building prior knowledge.

So far this fall, grades K-2 have been working on science concepts. Kindergarten is finishing a unit on the five senses and how people use them to observe and understand the world around us. Next we will learn about the different parts of the human body and make “wearables” for each of these parts so students can model their understanding.

First grade is learning about animals. We have learned about different animal body parts and how they are used. We also discuss how animals can be predators or prey. We will be starting a unit on reptiles in the next few weeks.

Second grade has been learning about matter and its different forms such as solids, liquids, and gases and how they change. We have done experiments and demonstrations to better understand these concepts. In a few weeks we will begin learning about plants.

Third through sixth grade has been working on multiplication concepts. In third grade we demonstrated multiplication with groups by putting “fireflies” into jars. Third and fourth grade are now working on the concepts of multiplication and are modeling the facts by skip-counting, the commutative property, repeated addition, arrays, and grouping.

Fifth and sixth grade students are reviewing multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. We have been looking at these problems closely to understand how and why we do certain procedures and we have been focusing on keeping place values aligned.

We also have a great opportunity at Havel to have the Building Healthy Communities program from Wayne State University in our school this year. Students in grades K-5 will receive monthly lessons on healthy eating in during ISM time. Last month Ms. Sam from WSU came in and taught a lesson on what should be on your plate at each meal. In November I will be teaching a lesson on fruits and vegetables.

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Halloween Info.. TAKE NOTE!!

Our all-school Halloween parade will be on Thursday, October 31st, at 10:00 AM. Parents are invited to attend. The parade will take place outside on the blacktop. In the event of inclement weather we will be parading in the gym. Please make sure you and any guests have photo ID!!

We are asking students to refrain from violent characterization and to refrain from using any kinds of fake weapons, fake blood, or any references to victims or perpetrators of violence. Violent characterization is unacceptable for school parades where younger students might be frightened. Book, cartoon, folk heroes, historical figures, and period costumes are all good ideas to consider when thinking of the perfect costume.

October 31st is a half-day for all students at Havel. Dismissal will be at 12:04 p.m. Because of the timing of our parade, students will be allowed to wear partial costumes to school. Check to be sure that your child can walk freely, and that the costume will be comfortable enough for the classroom setting. Plan to have your child bring any costume props (wigs and other add-ons) to school in a bag or backpack.

Looking forward to a great Halloween celebration!

BHC Health Weekly Announcements

For the Weekend Friday- Cooking with your family can help make healthier food choices. For the weekend try to help your family prepare a meal. Send Mrs. Tepper a picture to post on Facebook.

Mindful Monday- Today, try a body scan. Sit quietly in your chair, take 10 slow breaths and see how your body feels.

Tell Your Neighbor Tuesday- Football is one way many people are active during the fall. Tell your neighbor your favorite way to be active this time of year.

Wacky Fact Wednesday- The state of Michigan slices more apples than any other stare for use in pies.

Think About It Thursday- Students who eat breakfast learn better while at school. Think about this and make sure you eat breakfast every day.

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Dates To Know


28th- Hat Day

29th- Wear Red Day

30th- Crew Shirt Day & Crazy Sock Day

30th- Last Day for sock collections for student council

31st- 1/2 Day Halloween 10:00 Parade, 12:04 Dismissal


1st- Pajama Day & End of 1st Quarter

4th- 1st Quarter Assembly & Fun Run Reveal

12th- Picture Retakes

World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Assembly

1:55- K-2

2:55- 3rd-6th

13th- Evening Conferences 5:00-8:00

14th- 1/2 Day Conferences AM Specials 12:04 dismissal

15th- MSU/U Of M Spirit Day

19th- HVL Meeting 4:15-5:30

27th-29th- NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving

Halloween Parade- 10:00

Our school wide Halloween parade will take place OUTSIDE on the blacktop near the kindergarten classrooms at 10:00am. (If it rains we will be parading in the gym, so make sure any guests have photo id just in case!)

Anyone is invited to attend the parade as we showcase our spooky costumes, sparkles, smiles, and favorite heroes/characters! If you plan on attending your child's classroom party YOU MUST SHOW PHOTO ID and sign in at the office. Specific party plans are up to grade levels/individual teachers, for more information reach out to them!

Halloween Treats

All of our classrooms are peanut and tree nut safe. As is our building practice, no CANDY CONTAINING these ingredients will be allowed. As Halloween gets closer, please contact your child's teacher for specific items/food that may be needed for the party. HOMEMADE GOODS are not allowed in the classrooms. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all our students.
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