Week of March 15-19, 2021

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March 15-19 SPRING into SPRING Spirit Week

The class that has the highest overall percentage of students participating in each Spirit Day throughout the week, will be the first winners of the Calvin Comet Cohort Cup!!! The Cup will stay in your classroom until the next Calvin Comet Cohort Cup Challenge!

Monday, March 15 - Day 3

  • Spring Forward PJ Day

Tuesday, March 16 - Day 4
  • Tropical Day - Let’s pretend that it’s already summer! Wear your favorite tropical summer outfit

Wednesday, March 17 - Day 5

  • Spring into Spring on St Patrick’s Day - Wear your GREEN and celebrate Spring!

Thursday, March 18 - Day 1

  • Class Colour Day Choose a class colour that everyone in your class can dress up in. Together we can create a Calvin rainbow!!

Friday, March 19 - Day 2

  • Calvin Colours Day! Wear red and blue or your Calvin clothing and show your spirit!


March 22 Term 2 IEPs sent home

March 26 Earth Hour at Calvin Park - we will reduce our electricity use by powering off electronics and turning off the lights for an hour

April 2-5 Easter Break

April 12-16 Spring Break (postponed from March)


The Limestone District School Board is looking for your feedback. Please add your voice by completing two brief surveys. More information is available at these links:

LDSB Budget Survey

LDSB Mental Health and Substance Use Survey

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School Advisory Council Executive for 2020-21:


Claudine Elvidge (

Krystle Holton ( )

Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Phinney

Our next meeting will be in April (date to be determined). New members are always welcome. The meeting link will be sent out to all Council Members by our Co-Chairs. New members are always welcome so please contact Claudine for the meeting link if you are a new member.

Our Indigo and FlipGive fundraisers will be continuing until June 25th. For more information about these fundraisers, please view the Calvin Park School Advisory Council Update Participation in these fundraisers is easy! Just sign up and a percentage of what you spend for regular purchases like groceries, gas, home products and gifts, will go to our school. All fundraising this year will be used to purchase new books for classroom libraries to reflect diverse lives and issues related to equity, racism, and inclusion.


Recently, our Board switched to a new data information system which has resulted in a change in the way that teachers report their attendance each morning. Teachers are no longer able to put a reason in for your child's absence. In the past, if you usually sent a note or email to your child's teacher to let them know about an absence, now you will receive an automated call because teachers cannot enter that information in the system. To report all absences, please use the School Messenger app or call the SAFE ARRIVAL attendance number (1-855-257-9349) or report your child's absence using the website ( If you use this process to report your child's absence, you should not receive an attendance call. Informing your child's classroom teacher is still encouraged however parents must also enter the absence into School Messenger.


Thank you for continuing to screen your child daily for Covid-19 symptoms each morning. Just a reminder of the new Public Health protocol that states that if students display even just one symptom, they must stay home and isolate until:

1. They have a negative Covid test OR

2. They receive an alternative diagnosis from a health care professional OR

3. It has been 10 days since their symptom onset.

Note: All household members are required to isolate until the symptomatic child/student receives a negative COVID-19 test result or an alternative diagnosis from a health care provider. If the symptomatic child/student does not seek COVID-19 testing, household members must isolate for 14 days from their last contact with that symptomatic child/student (a total of 24 days if the symptomatic child/student is not able to effectively self-isolate). For more information, please visit the KFLA Public Health website.

The link to the online screener is at the top of the newsletter and there is a PDF copy below. Thank you for working with us to keep students and staff safe at school.

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As Spring arrives, please encourage your child to wear boots outside for recess as the fields are really muddy and wet. To keep the mud out of classrooms and out of the gym, students also need indoor shoes. Also, we will be continuing to go outside as much as possible so students need to dress appropriately for the weather each day.

Also, we recommend that students bring additional masks so that they can replace wet or dirty ones as needed. Please ensure that your child's mask(s) fits appropriately, covering their nose, mouth and chin.

Please call the office if we can help you with clothing, shoes or boots for your child.


We encourage students to participate in some of the virtual extracurriculars that are being offered this year! At Calvin, our staff have organized Eco Club, "Here Comes the Sun" spring production, 2021 Math Team, Equity Club (stay tuned for more info), and Interschool Sports (our best cohort teams compete against other schools in different virtual events). In addition, the Board has organized a virtual GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) for LGBTQ2IA+ students and their allies, that takes place twice a month.
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Similar to last year's event, our graduation needs to be planned with Covid health and safety protocols in place. In addition, it is important to note that plans need to be flexible enough to change quickly should there be new pandemic developments and Public Health announcements. We have tentatively set aside June 21/22 for Grade 8 Graduation, however, our Graduation Committee is meeting later this month to discuss our plans and we will share them as soon as they are finalized.
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To participate, download or check out the calendar of activities during the month of March. Challenge yourself, your family and your friends to get active each day. Then enter for a chance to win prizes! All the details are in the Kingston Gets Active Calendar, which can be found on the Kingston Gets Active website.


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Please continue to check these Limestone District School Board platforms for the most up-to-date information from our Board.

LDSB Website

LDSB Twitter:

LDSB Facebook

LDSB Instagram

In addition, please follow our:

Calvin Park Twitter account: @CalvinPark_LDSB or

Calvin Park Website:

Calvin Park Public School Office: (613) 542-2796

Mrs. Christine LeClair, Office Administrator

Mrs. Elizabeth Suriyuth, Principal:

Ms. Wilma Pettingill, Vice-Principal:

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