Joseph Rogers Primary School

November 10, 2014

Best Practices

After attending the Title I meeting last Monday afternoon, Reba shared some research and a presentation by John Hattie on Visible Learning, Tomorrow's Schools, The Mindsets that Make a Difference in Education. It was very interesting to read what his research states are the things that are the most detrimental to students and their education and what are the things that are the most effective.

One of the most detrimental that stood out was Retention of Students. I know we have spent some time discussing that this year. As I researched this a little further and read more about Hattie's meta-analysis research these are some of the points that really stood out to me

  • Retention is not helpful at all grades, including kindergarten

  • Studies showing positive effects (of retention) are few and the initial positive effects tend to diminish over time.

  • Most schools do not provide special interventions for retainees; therefore, the likelihood of positive outcomes following retention is further diminished. Students are often retained in programs that were not beneficial to them in the first year.

  • Being retained one year almost doubled a student’s likelihood of dropping out, while failing twice almost guaranteed it. In fact, retention is the second greatest predictor of school drop-out.

  • There is a consistently negative picture of the association between retention and race, gender, SES, and school outcome.

Information above can be found at

I am certainly not saying that a child should never be retained. But we need to be thinking more about what we are doing to make sure every child is successful while they are in our school and not that they will be repeating a grade level while they are at JRP.

I certainly trust your judgement with your students, but in our November 19 collaborative we are going to be looking at those students who are struggling in our classes and what are we doing to ensure they are successful students when they leave our classrooms and our school.

This was very interesting research, I will be sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

Yes I could rattle on, but you might not read it. Instead I will give you smaller chunks of information...often...

Blessed to be working at JRP,


Calendar of Events

Fun Times at JRP

November 10 - CORE office will be in our school in the afternoon. They will be meeting in the conference room and may visit classrooms later in the day.

Canned Food Drive to begin for Director's Appreciation Day.

Meet with grade level chairpersons at 2:50 in my office.

November 11 - Staff Development Day. Assistants will be at school. Teachers your plans/assignments are in your email.

November 12 - collaboratives - 4.5 meetings - bring any information needed from RTI groups.

November 14 - class pictures and school informal pictures

November 19 - collaboratives - struggling students and strategies to make them successful

faculty meeting

November 20 - Thanksgiving lunch - we are inviting County Commissioners and Board Members to dine with us on this day.

Kindergarten will have a short program before lunch and parents will be invited to eat lunch with them on this day.

Director Appreciation Day.

November 25 - 1st grade parent involvement. 9:15-10:45. Parents will have the opportunity to shadow their child during a writing lesson and math lesson centering around Thanksgiving.

December 1-5 - complete the district writing prompt

December 1-12 - AIMSweb Testing

December 4 - kindergarten field trip to Barter Theatre

December 5 - second grade field trip to Christmas play and Leaping Lizards

December 5 - Be JRP proud. Wear your JRP shirt.

December 8 - 80th day of school. Literacy Activities for this day will be discussed at faculty meeting

December 16 - Tacky Christmas sweater/shirt day

December 18 - 1/2 day - Christmas parties for Students

December 19 - staff development day - teachers and assistants work


Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives. - Andy Rooney

I hope what you are doing with your students is memorable. Love them, enjoy them, but most of all teach them.