Book Journal Entry.

By Aliya. Hour 6-7

Day 3.

Today is the day I decided to start keeping a journal. My name is April Corrigan and this is my story. I have been locked in a hotel room for about three and a half days. My father was involved in an undercover drug investigation. He is a good guy, and would never do anything to harm his family or anyone else. You may be wondering why we are in a hotel and the answer is we are supposed to be protected here. We haven't seen my dad in a while and now that this is happening who knows how long this will go on, and by this I mean we are being locked away like some kind of zoo animal. Well that's all I have to say for now. I don't know how to sign off so I guess I'll just say farewell.

Day 10.

I miss my life. I miss my friends. I miss my phone. I miss my house. I miss my boyfriend. I want my life back. This is too much for me. Jim was shot today. It all started when he decided to go get board games for us because we we're getting so tired of sitting here. The man who shot him was after my family. I am told his name is Mike Vamp. The FBI workers say that he is a hit man hired by the people that dad testified against in court. His eyes are fully black, not the dark brown almost black eyes full on black. I just want to go home and pretend none of this ever happened.

Day 13.

Today we had to meet with a new caseworker. They say we are going into a witness protection program. We are getting new names and a new house all the way out in Florida. I heard dad say that Florida is the drug capital of the world. I do not understand why they would send us to the drug capital if drugs is what started this in the first place. I don't want any of this to be real. I want to go to sleep and wake up in my own bed, in my house and this all be a really bad dream. On a different note we get our new names in a few days and we move. I'll get back to you in a few days after I get my new name and arrive in our new "hometown".

Day 14.

i know in my last entry I said I was gonna wait til we got settled in the new house to write but I'm so angry and disgusted this can't wait. I AM BEING FORCED TO GO BY THE NAME OF VALERIE. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THAT NAME. I refuse to be called Valerie. That name brings back personal problems and bad memories for me. I am so mad. I could run through a wall right now. i might turn in to some kind of crazy rampaging killing machine at any moment.

Day 16.

I have to be called Valerie. No matter how much I try there is no way we can change my name. I hate this. I can't even put in to words how much I hate this. The house we live in is very very very cheap and low class compared to how we used to live. Not to mention how cheap everything is. We are considered broke now. Dad's new job doesn't pay nearly as much as his old one. I miss having nice things. I miss being normal. I hate it. I wish i could go live with my grandma back home, but as you can tell that's out of the question.

Day 18.

Today I met a boy and his cousin. His name is Larry. He's an amazing tennis player. Larry and I have decided that we are going to play tennis in the mornings before he goes to work. Finally I have something to look forward to. I have an aspiration to get out of bed. Maybe things will start to look up soon.

Day 23.

Today we went to disney world. I seen Jodi. I used to go to school with her. She informed me that Steve my boyfriend has been spending a little to much time with my best friend back home. I can't believe either of them would do that to me. Mom tried saying it's just Steve's way of coping with me being gone but I don't think so. On top of this happening I also gave Larry a little piece of my mind. Him and I had plans to go to the beach and when he came to pick me up and realized I was no where to be found he got mad and decided to blow up our house phone. I feel as if he is starting to latch on to me as if I am his girlfriend and I don't like that. As he found out tonight I am not going to deal with it anymore. He really needs to take about eight giant steps back.