News From Room 15!

Monday, March 10, 2014

BUSY Week!

Oh, my! This is a busy week for fifth grade!

The big thing? THE PLAY! I am so excited that so many of Room 15's students are involved in this awesome opportunity, and the room frequently buzzes with excitement over it. Due to the intensity of the performance and rehearsal schedule this week, I will be doing my best to reduce homework assignments. The routine for math, reading, and grammar will stay much the same, with night reading somewhat reduced for at least two nights. We will postpone our next spelling unit until next week. I will be trying to work in some opportunities for students to begin assignments in class. Please just send in a note or e-mail me if your student is participating in Beauty and the Beast and needs additional time for assignments.

In addition to the play,
Reading Olympics will meet during school on Wednesday to begin creating advertisements for the books they have enjoyed reading.

We have our Gayman Gala meal on Friday!

Math Notes

We are jumping ahead to unit 8 in math to continue with our study of fractions. The unit will expand upon and apply several concepts students encountered in unit 6. My class website has several links to websites that offer games, quizzes and animations that review fraction concepts. Click here to explore.

I also updated TenMarks with a variety of review and preview assignments for any students who would like additional practice before portfolios/PSSA's. The site linked above also links to TenMarks.

This week in math, students are:

Reviewing equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, and adding/subtracting fractions.

Finding fractions of fractions

Multiplying fractions

It is my goal to finish Unit 8 before PSSA's, as I will not be giving a test during PSSA week.

Grammar Quiz on THURSDAY!

Although we won't have a spelling test this week, students WILL be taking a grammar quiz on Thursday.

The quiz will focus on:
Identifying action, helping, and linking verbs. (I teach them HAL: helping verbs are small words that help action and linking verbs. Action and linking verbs stand alone).
Online Verb Quiz

We will also re-visit identifying adjectives and adverbs as well as identifying types of sentences: declarative, imperative, exclamatory, interrogative.
Extra practice for adjectives/Adverbs:
Online Practice Quiz

Students have created flashcards for all the terms that will quizzed on Thursday. Electronic versions of parts of speech flashcards are available here.

Reading Notes

We will be continuing to read Tolliver's Secret this week and next, while also continuing to prepare for PSSA's. There will be a reading vocabulary quiz on Friday. I have already given the students the word list, and they can prepare early for it if you are concerned about not being able to study on Thursday night due to the play.