The history of LSD

By Eli and Daniel

How It Was Created

LSD was first invented by Albert Hoffman in 1938 while he was looking for a blood circulation stimulant. His twenty-fifth experiment was labeled and LSD-25. It wasn't a successful stimulant and set the formula aside. Five years later, he was exposed to it and talked about seeing “fantastic pictures” and “kaleidoscope like plays of color”. From that, LSD was born.

Early Years

Professor Timothy Leary, at the time a Harvard University teacher, began to experiment using the drug in the 1950s. He gave the drug to 300 of people at the campus and was relieved of his duties in May of 1963. Through the ‘60s, he was arrested for drug possession a few times while continuing his experiments. He is important because of his outspokenness of drug use as a way to achieve “enlightenment”. LSD became more popular as a recreational drug and was used by many celebrities, even spawning music like the famous Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

The Later Years

In the 1980s, therapeutic use of LSD was discredited and received negative publicity that reduced its popularity. In the 1990s, it became popular as a club drug and was often used at nightclubs, music festivals, and raves. Now, use varies, losing and gaining popularity as kids start to discover ecstasy. It is now used in the UK on occasion to combat alcoholism.