"the thinning of bones"

The Basics of Bone Weakening

Osteoporosis occurs when old bone tissue is destroyed faster than it is created. It emerges from disruptions in the skeleton's continuous process of self-repair. The result of this disease is weak, brittle, and porous bones. There are many risk factors that may cause osteoporosis like smoking, aging, excessive drinking, eating disorders, etc. Also women are more prone to osteoporosis because of the loss of calcium that comes with aging. The symptoms are pain, specifically in the back, bone fractures, and height loss that is followed by a change in posture. The body cannot do anything about osteoporosis by itself, it needs the help of medication.

Treatments and Preventions

As stated before, the body cannot fix this disease without help. There are three main types of treatment to help end osteoporosis. One is calcium and vitamin D supplements. Another is a medication that helps to slow the process of bone loss. Lastly there is a medication that helps increase bone density. You can prevent osteoporosis more easily than trying to get rid of it. A sufficient intake of calcium while bones are increasing density (until age thirty) will keep bones strong. This calcium is essential to bone replacement and one of the main components of bones. Also exercise is very important because it causes mild stress which makes bone more dense. So drink lots of milk and stay active!

Shelly Yohe