Cultural Ethnic Dance

Wakhaila Cheeks


Began in the 1500's from slaves, Their way of dancing merged from many european dances. Dancing helped slaves keep their cultural traditions alive and became apart of their everyday life. Many moves consist of turns, lines/circles and balancing. In the culture dancing was to honor kings and queens celebrating weddings ect.

Fandango Dance

Originated in 18th century. How this dance was developed is questionable some say it evolved from Andalusian dance ( Murcia or Magdalena ) others say it derived from Latin America and West Indies.
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Flamenco Dance

First known about in 1774 when mentioned in literature. This way of dancing was influenced by Greek, Roman, Moorish, and Jewish cultures. Ways to begin their dances are clapping and playing the guitar. Very big part of the spanish culture. Having ruffles on the bottom of their dresses and many cololrs are also a big thing.
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