Weekly Update

May 3 -7, 2021

Quote for the Week

Don't be upset with the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do!

Dr. Eric Thomas

Senior Slide Show Graduating Seniors Only

Monday, May 3rd, 5pm

This is an online event.

More information

To all Senior Parents


Please email a senior picture and a baby picture to whsmedia@stu.wisd.org for the Senior Slideshow to be shown before graduation. We would like these by Monday, May 3. Please name the files your senior's name and make sure they are JPGs!

Chrisanna Melick

Media Staff Adviser


Questions: cmelick@wisd.org>

New Graduates




Sunday, May 2nd – SAGU Sheaffer Center – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Friday, May 14th – 8:00 pm -midnight – The Hamptons Event Center, 196 N. I35E, Red Oak, TX 75154


Wednesday, May 19th – 6:30 pm – Waxahachie High School – MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW


Friday, May 21st – 8:30 am – Coleman Junior High Fine Arts Center and Lumpkins Stadium

· Seniors must arrive at the Coleman JH FAC at 8:30 am.

· Park in the back parking lot and enter through the back doors of the FAC

· We will do a complete run-through for the ceremony that night.



Friday, May 21st – 8:00 pm – Lumpkins Stadium

· Arrive at Coleman Junior High Fine Arts Center PROMPTLY at 6:00 pm. Park in the Coleman JH parking lot and enter through the back doors of the FAC.

· Check in at the table and get a dress code check.

· Proceed to the FAC and find the seat with your name. DO NOT switch names on seats as this is the order of procession

· Seniors will graduate in the following order: Top 10, Student Council, alphabetical.

· Seniors will be transported from Coleman to the stadium on school buses. You will line up at the north end of the stadium and proceed to your seats at the designated time.

· At the conclusion of the fireworks show, seniors will proceed in reverse alpha order to the south end of the stadium and out to the parking lot. Buses will NOT transport back to Coleman.

· Pictures will not be allowed on the field before or after graduation. All seniors will exit the stadium following the fireworks.


· You must be in the dress code. Any senior not in the dress code will not be allowed to walk. The dress code is below.

· You are NOT allowed to decorate your cap. Anyone with a decorated cap will not be allowed to walk.

· Masks are at student and parent discretion.

· Cell phones will be dark, silent, and out of sight for the entirety of the graduation ceremony.

· Jostens will be at Coleman with tassels for purchase for $10. Cash only. There will be very limited stock so it will be first-come, first-served.

· Open seating at Lumpkins Stadium. No ticket required. Seating will be first-come, first-served



School dress code policies apply. The following is worn under your graduation robe:


A dress that is no longer than the robe, Dress shoes, NO spike heels


Dress Pants, Dress shoes, Collared shirt, Tie (your choice)

Graduation will be May 21, 2021, at Lumpkins Stadium. There are currently no restrictions on the number of guests allowed to attend the Graduation Ceremony.

End of Course Exams

2021-2022 School Year

The first thing that I would like to say about this past year, it has been extraordinary for a number of reasons, We have faced the challenges of a Global Pandemic and given the circumstances, we have really done remarkably well. And when I say that I say it with the greatest respect for the sacrifices that were made by our students, by our academic staff members, and by our administrative staff. In our own unique ways, we have all had to overcome the challenge of adjusting to life during what many call a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Coronavirus has had a major impact on our professional and private lives: students and families have struggled to make ends meet – especially during the first nationwide lockdown in March and April – and academic careers have been affected by the added strain of working from home while providing full-time care for children or relatives. Many of us have had to contend with similar issues, I’m sure: Virtually overnight, and with very little time to prepare, we have had to embrace online teaching and learning, All of this has left an unforgettable mark on individuals and institutions alike and I’m fairly certain that we will feel the repercussions for years to come, in academia and beyond.

However, if 2020 has been a year full of complications and challenges, it has also been rewarding in its own unique way. For the first time in school known history, we have helped over 93 HSoC Students meet all state and federal benchmarks and requirements for graduation. It has been our pleasure to help students find success where they have previously found closed doors and obstacles without the right tools and support them all the way through to the finish line. Although I’m extremely proud of the ninety-plus students that have made this accomplishment come to fruition I am also extremely proud of the staff that supports the students in making this historical accomplishment a true first in WISD.

In the next coming weeks, all the final culminating experiences of Graduating senior will come to pass. So to the ninety-plus graduating seniors at HSoC here is your last challenge from me.

Each of you know another student that may be in the same situation you were in when you made the decision to come to HSoC. If you know a student that may be in a similar situation that you were facing. Tell the student to apply to HSoC Now! At: https://hsoc.wisd.org/apps/pages/AboutUs

You the soon to be recent graduates of HSoC are our absolute best proof sources of success, Thank you, and May you all have fair winds and following seas through life


Dr. B

HSoC About Us

What is Waxahachie High School of Choice?

We are an alternative high school, designed to help at-risk students achieve their goals of high school graduation and beyond. HSoC supports students through rigorous, innovative, and engaging learning experiences. Every student will be empowered to fiercely navigate their world with resilience, purpose, courage, humility, and pride.

Academic Performance and Effort

It is an expectation that all High School of Choice (HSoC) students put forth the effort to reach their maximum potential. Academic excellence is achieved by challenging yourself to improve on every assignment or task you encounter.