School Board Notes

April 2019

Change to 2018-2019 Instructional Calendar

The Methacton Board of School Directors has approved a revision to the district calendar for this current school year (2018-2019). May 7 is no longer designated as an In-Service Day and is no longer a scheduled day off for K-4 students. The updated calendar now reflects May 21 as an In-Service Day (no school K-4). May 21 is Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania. Our Elementary Schools will be closed on that date only for K-4 students.

Post Prom 20th Anniversary Presentation

At the April 16, 2019 Work Session Board Meeting, Methacton School District celebrated the 20th anniversary of Post Prom by recognizing the leaders of the unique, community event. Many of the co-chairs were in attendance to receive an award for their contributions to the program over the years and to receive recognition before the Methacton Board of School Directors.
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The Meeting in Review

Staffing Recommendations

Dr. Zerbe presented staffing recommendations for the Board, which included comments and actions on administrative positions, professional positions and support positions. The resulting actions include adding positions and reducing positions along with strengthening positions, expectations and accountability through updated job descriptions, and evaluation and hiring processes.

Arrowhead Forward

Dr. Zerbe provided the Board of School Directors with information regarding the request from the design professionals to provide direction on the targeted number of students and the targeted grade configurations. Dr. Zerbe presented where he recommended, given the projected enrollment figures with projected student growth in the Arrowhead and Worcester Elementary serving area, the Board consider a 500 to 625 student building and keep the existing elementary grade configuration of K-4. It was announced that a postcard will be mailed the week of April 22, 2019 to over 13,000 households in order to apprise the community of a special meeting planned for June 4, 2019, where KCBA Architects of Hatfield Pa., will present a concept model to the Board of School Directors and the public to gather feedback along this process.

Strategic Plan Update

Each April, Dr. Zerbe provides the Board of School Directors with an update on progress towards goal and objectives outlined in the District's Strategic Plan. The update included a number of important accomplishments including: Established a four-part approach to STEM focus forward to include the re-investment in High School STEM course offerings; institution of a Common Language (4 C’s-Collaboration, Communications, Critical Thinking and Creativity) across all curricular areas; professional development that leads to a PDE recognized STEM certification; and, continued connections with STEM industries through teacher in the workplace activities.

In terms of Communications Focus Area, Dr. Zerbe emphasized the district's effort to ensure that realtors have the information necessary to help convey the Methacton brand with its special attributes, high level of rigor, and academic achievement.

The plan's Focus Area 3 addresses Safety where it was shared that audits of all buildings were conducted with the help of local and state law enforcement and county emergency management professionals. Those results are being incorporated into our Master Facilities Plan. One of the major additions to the safety protocol is a an armed assailant training being arranged in cooperation with the State and Local police departments this summer.

There was reference to the scheduling changes proposed for Arcola Intermediate School to include World Language for all students in grade 8, along with the writing and adoption of the district Activities Handbook that will culminate in an annual evaluation process of all activities K-12 activities to ensure relevance to student interest.

Dr. Zerbe concluded by reviewing several of the high level objectives for next school year, which include presenting a pathway to full day kindergarten for the Board of School Directors to consider for implementation at the start of 2020-2021 SY. He also spoke about the development of High School STEM offerings, a review of the pilot REACH program at Arcola, and a focus on professional development for administrators and teachers towards efforts to increase our inclusive and differentiated practices.

All other items listed in the April 23, 2019 agenda were approved with the exception of Item 10.C.2, the elimination of one gifted teaching position ay Skyview Upper Elementary.

Award of Excellence

Dr. Aaron Roberts, Arrowhead Elementary School's Principal, presented Awards of Excellence to Janet Aureden, Art Teacher, and Barbara Goff, Principal's Secretary. Both of these outstanding staff members provide support for students, staff and community. They are valuable team members and we are pleased to share with everyone how much we appreciate their commitment to the students of the Methacton School District.
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"M" Awards

Dr. Paul Spiewak presented "M" Awards for Athletic Achievement to three of Methacton High School's outstanding teams - Boys Basketball, Girls Tennis, and Boys Golf. The Boys Basketball team are PAC Champions for a second season in a row. Girls Tennis won the PAC Tennis Title and Boys Golf won the PAC Golf Title.
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Methacton Education Foundation

Mr. Jim Beam, Methacton Education Foundation President, and Ms. Nikki Krelovich, MEF Executive Director, presented a check to Methacton School District for $110,000. The award will go toward the renovation of Methacton School District elementary school libraries to expand and enhance STEM programming. Arrowhead, Eagleville, Woodland, Worcester, and Skyview schools will receive new flexible seating, dedicated Chromebooks, and STEM tools for coding and engineering, among other STEM equipment.

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Junior Board Representatives

Special thank you to Lila Cingiser and Avinh Ly for representing Arrowhead Elementary as Junior Board Representatives for April 2019.

April 16 , 2019 Board Work Session

April 23, 2019 Regular Board Meeting

Board Notes

The Methacton School District's Board of School Directors meets each month. School board work session meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month, followed by the regular meeting on the fourth Tuesday (except during the month of December). Regular Board and work session meetings typically take place in the MHS LGI, and all residents are invited to attend. Committee meetings may take place in the Board Room at the Farina Center, or the MHS LGI. Meeting agendas are posted to agenda manager, and start times and locations are posted on the District's website. Please confirm meeting time and location before attending. Download the meeting calendar here. Watch the meeting video online.