Create A State

BY: Kyarria Chandler

Act of Admission

  • Chandler land asked congress for admission in to the union
  • In 2008 congress passed the enabling act for Chandler land
  • A convention is set to prepare the constitution for the admission
  • Chandler land is put to a popular vote in the proposed state
  • Voters approved the document, and it was submitted to congress
  • congress agree to the statehood, and they pass an act of admission
  • The president signed the act, and chandler land enters the union

About Chandler Land

Chandler land was founded in 2008. We have a population of 1.1 million and an amazing governor by the name of Brock Rhodes. We have 2 senators and we are greatly recognized for our amazing fashion.


College: Chandler University

Teams: Bucks

State Nickname: Buck Head Land

State Motto: Money isn't everything, it's the only thing

State Song: Know yourself, Matrimony

Counties: 18

Bordering states: Sparkle Land, Pacific ocean

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